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Photographer brightens Turlock with work
kristyn aredas
Since falling in love with photography in high school, Turlock resident Kristyn Aredas has turned her passion into a business with Kristyn Aredas Photography (Photo by Hyde Photography).

Name of business: Kristyn Aredas Photography

Type of business: Family, lifestyle and wedding photography

Hours: By appointment

Contact information: and

Specialty: Mini sessions

History of business:

From the moment Turlock resident Kristyn Aredas picked up a camera in high school, she fell in love with photography.

It was 2008 and Aredas was looking for an elective class to take at school. On a whim, she decided on photography class unaware that it would one day become her career.

“I ended up falling in love with the art,” Aredas said. “I loved learning to edit the pictures and making them my own.”

Since then, after stints at two different colleges and the birth of one daughter, Aredas has grown to develop her craft into something all her own, capturing Central Valley residents’ most memorable moments through the lens of her camera.

She began by first taking pictures of her family, often using her sister as a volunteer model, and from there expanded her clientele to extended family and friends, and now even strangers who eventually become friends.

“Of course, my family was really supportive at the beginning, and then four years ago I made my website which opened it up to even more people,” Aredas said. “That’s when word began to spread and my clientele began branching out even more.”

Subjects of Aredas’ talent have fallen in love with her photography style, which she describes in one word: “bright.”

“A lot of people go for the moody look now, but I love a light look,” she said. “Throughout the years my style has always stayed the same as far as it being bright and happy. I like getting people to laugh and things like that.”

Aredas photographs everything from family and couple sessions to engagements and weddings. Her most recent shoot was at the wedding of a couple who had also already chosen her as their engagement photographer.

“It’s nice when they see how good your work is and then fall in love with it and ask you to do their wedding,” Aredas said. “It’s crazy that someone can like your work so much that they want you to do more.”

Currently, Aredas is offering her “Fall Minis,” which are short, 30-minute sessions at an affordable price. The shorter sessions are popular with families, she said, whose children are often able to complete the half-hour shoot. The mini sessions will be available through December, and “Christmas Minis” will be announced soon.

“Capturing moments and genuine smiles for families to look back on,” Aredas said, “it’s a priceless thing.”