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Pink car tribute to family members
pink car pic1
Sarah Jorge (left) painted her car pink to raise awareness of breast cancer, something her grandma and three aunts including Marie Gunsch (pictured right) have battled. - photo by ANDREA GOODWIN / The Journal


Sarah Jorge hopes to raise public awareness of breast cancer in Turlock in an unconventional way; she painted her car pink. Jorge, a graduate of Turlock High, took the plunge in July and had her Honda Civic painted light pink, the color most often identified with breast cancer awareness.

“I have a history of breast cancer on both sides of my family. My grandma and three aunts have had breast cancer,” Jorge said.

She considered paining the car a brighter shade of pink, but decided on light pink because of its association with breast cancer survivors. The pink Honda is also sporting a large breast cancer awareness ribbon. Jorge added the ribbon magnet on Oct. 1 in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

Jorge’s aunt Marie Gunsch is a cancer survivor. She said she appreciates her niece’s support and is glad that she is raising awareness. More awareness means earlier detection to Gunsch.

“You just never think about cancer as something that can happen to you, until it is too late,” Gunsch said.

Jorge’s pink car has raised eyebrows around town. The same week she had the car painted she found a family taking pictures with it in a grocery store parking lot. She also gets a lot of stares driving around town.

“I actually saw someone run into a fence because they were looking at it,” Jorge said.

Jorge hopes to incorporate her pink car into a fundraising effort for Relay for Life. She hasn’t hammered out all of the details yet, but a pink breast cancer awareness themed car is sure to come in handy while she raises funds for the event.

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