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Pitman High grad serves as Navy Talent Scout with NTAG Golden Gate
Issac Perez
Petty Officer 2nd Class Issac Perez, a 2015 Pitman High School graduate, joined the Navy seven years ago and now serves as a nuclear electronics technician and Navy Talent Scout (Photo courtesy of the Navy Office of Community Outreach).


Navy Office of Community Outreach

A Turlock native is serving the U.S. Navy with Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) Golden Gate located in Mountain View, Calif.
Petty Officer 2nd Class Issac Perez, a 2015 Pitman High School graduate, joined the Navy seven years ago.
"My father was in the Marine Corps, and I was inspired by how much his time in the service shaped him into the man he is today," said Perez. "I was also unsure of what I wanted to do after graduating high school, so I figured I could learn a great trade and get a once in a lifetime experience through the U.S. Navy."
Today, Perez serves as a nuclear electronics technician and Navy Talent Scout.
A nuclear electronics technician performs duties in nuclear propulsion plants operating reactor control, propulsion and power generation systems. A Navy Talent Scout uses various recruiting methods to identify qualified applicants, create interest in joining the Navy, set appointments with qualified applicants who are interested in joining the Navy and transition qualified and ready applicants to assessing for processing
"My favorite part of being a nuclear electronics technician is how intense it is," said Perez. "Operating a nuclear reactor is extremely stressful, but also a lot of fun."
Skills and values learned in the Navy are similar to those found in Turlock.
"My parents always told me that no matter how difficult a task was, to just keep doing my best," said Perez. "They also said that if I did my best, everything will be alright. This taught me to always have a positive attitude and to keep doing my best when facing adversity."
According to Navy officials, NTAG Golden Gate's mission is to leverage an inspirational culture that informs, attracts, influences and hires the highest quality candidates from America's diverse talent pool. This goal ensures the success of America's Navy and establishes the foundation for sailors to thrive in a life-changing experience.
With more than 90 percent of all trade traveling by sea, and 95 percent of the world’s international phone and internet traffic carried through fiber optic cables lying on the ocean floor, Navy officials continue to emphasize that the prosperity and security of the United States is directly linked to ready sailors and a strong Navy.
“Maintaining the world’s best Navy is an investment in the security and prosperity of the United States, as well as the stability of our world,” said Adm. Mike Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations. “The U.S. Navy—forward deployed and integrated with all elements of national power—deters conflict, strengthens our alliances and partnerships, and guarantees free and open access to the world’s oceans. As the United States responds to the security environment through integrated deterrence, our Navy must continue to deploy forward and campaign with a ready, capable, combat-credible fleet.”
Serving in the Navy means Perez is part of a team that is taking on new importance in America’s focus on rebuilding military readiness, strengthening alliances and reforming business practices in support of the National Defense Strategy.

"The U.S. Navy primarily contributes to national defense by projecting the nation's presence when necessary," said Perez. "Our Navy allows the world to continue to operate normally."
There are many opportunities for sailors to earn recognition in their command, community and careers.
"My proudest accomplishment in the Navy was when I started a nuclear reactor the fastest on my ship," said Perez. "My time was below 13 minutes. It was one of my first times performing this complex evolution, so it was good to know that all of my training paid off."

As Perez and other sailors continue to perform missions, they take pride in serving their country in the United States Navy.

"Serving in the U.S. Navy means I'm doing my part to make the world a better place," added Perez. "It's allowed me to set myself up for a better future while having a positive impact on others."