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PizzaRev heats up Turlock
The Rev'd Up Meat & Peppers pizza is just one of many combinations you can put together yourself at Turlock's newest pizzeria, PizzaRev. - photo by ANGELINA MARTIN/The Journal

Name of business: PizzaRev


Type of business: Craft-your-own pizzeria


Location: 3110 Hotel Dr., Turlock


Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Sunday


Contact information: 805-418-5102


Specialty: 900-degree stone-bed oven


History of business:


A long-awaited dining experience is coming to town Thursday, giving Turlock residents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to craft their own pizza.


The concept behind Turlock’s newest restaurant, PizzaRev, is simple. Similar to its fast food counterparts Subway and Chipotle, you stand in line, pick your dough, select a sauce, top it off with one (or more) of PizzaRev’s 30-plus cheeses and fresh ingredients and, voila, your customized pizza is complete after a quick three-minute trip to the oven.


“It’s all about crafting your own pizza,” general manager Ray Cuen said.


And the options are endless. On top of the large selection of toppings, there are a variety of unique sauces like the spicy marinara, Alfredo, pesto and a number of organic tomato sauces, and customers can also choose from thin, double dough or gluten free crust. You can customize salads, too, but if you’re not feeling creative, the PizzaRev team has a small menu of “Our Way Pizzas” with pre-selected toppings to choose from.


“It’s unique to this area — there’s nothing like it around here for miles,” Cuen said. “People are excited about bringing this concept to Turlock.”


PizzaRev in Turlock is also home to a beer wall. Thanks to the revolutionary technology of iPourIt, patrons at the PizzaRev can pour their own drinks straight from the tap with just a few simple steps. The pourer wears a wristband given to them by an employee after their ID has been scanned, and from there they can select a beer or cider from a variety of taps on the wall.


PizzaRev will celebrate its grand opening on Thursday with a “Pizzas for a Purpose” fundraiser for United Samaritans Foundation, which serves the homeless and deserving population in Turlock, including providing to lunch to as many as 1,700 each day.


Guests are invited to “pay-what-they-want” for a custom-built, personal-sized pizza. With a suggested $8 contribution, 100 percent of funds raised from each guest’s first donation pizza will benefit the non-profit organization.


 “We are thrilled to be able to support the amazing work of United Samaritans Foundation during our grand opening celebration,” said Gita Naidu, PizzaRev’s brand ambassador in Turlock. “While we are passionate about offering a truly delicious and fun dining experience around our Craft Your Own pizzas, we are just as committed to giving back to the communities we serve.”