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Prop 19 cowboy finds supporters, protestors in Turlock
pot cowboy pic2
Lewis Davis and Linda Taylor stand across the street from Wooldridge and hold protest signs against his campaign. - photo by KRISITNA HACKER / The Journal

Howard Wooldridge, a retired police detective from Michigan, and his horse Misty rode into town on Saturday to help promote passage of California’s Prop 19, which would legalize marijuana use. Wooldridge and Misty hung out on the corner of Monte Vista Avenue and Countryside Drive in their Support Prop 19 regalia and interacted with passing motorists and the occasional pedestrian.

 Wooldridge is one of the founding members of L.E.A.P. — Law Enforcement Against Prohibition — a nonprofit organization of law enforcement, prison officials, judges, and prosecutors who advocate for regulation, rather than prohibition. He has been traveling the state on horseback in support of Prop 19.

Jeanne Hammond of Denair said she was happy to see Wooldridge in Turlock on Saturday. She saw him in Sacramento earlier in the month and wanted another chance to speak with him about his cause.

“In a way, I agree with him and in a way, I don’t agree with him,” Hammond said. “It makes a lot of sense, what he says.”

On Saturday, Wooldridge said he was receiving an overwhelming positive response to his message from the people driving by.

“People get energized by seeing the horse and seeing a former law enforcement officer speaking out,” he said.

At least two Turlockers were not in support of Wooldridge’s message. Linda Taylor and Lewis Davis brought protest signs against Wooldridge and stood on the opposite side of the street of the cowboy on Saturday morning.

“I think it’s irresponsible for a former law enforcement officer to do what he’s doing,” Taylor said.

Wooldridge and Misty will be in Fresno today, Salinas on Thursday and Friday, and Monterey in Saturday.

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