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PupPals send messages of hope

The American Kennel Club is aiming to spread a little cheer during uncertain times with messages from man’s best friend.

The American Kennel Club launched AKC PupPals for kids in need of uplifting with a message from a canine friend. In light of the crisis California is facing right now with the wildfires, AKC decided it was fitting to expand the program to cater to anyone in need of some cheer – medical professionals (HEROES), nursing home and hospital patients, and anyone else impacted by the California wildfires.

“We hope that this can help them smile a bit,” said AKC communications coordinator Giselle Castro.

Anyone can nominate a person to receive a letter or video from a canine companion, just sign them up at:

The AKC has received over 500 requests fulfilled and are happy to do more.  To learn more about this program please visit