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Rescued canine starting new life in Sacramento
Tilly, who was previously known as Tyler, was rescued from a narrow shaft by Turlock Fire Departments Engine 32. She is now at a foster home in Sacramento and is making progress toward adoption. - photo by Photo Contributed

The German Shepherd rescued by the Turlock Fire Department from a narrow shaft at the Turlock Water Quality Plant is making progress towards finding a forever home.

The dog, previously called Tyler and now going by Tilly, was put into the custody of the German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley on Saturday and is now spending her days in a foster home until she can be adopted.

“When I first saw her, she seemed to be a bit shell-shocked, and I thought she was going to be a project, but she seems to be coming around fairly quickly,” said Brain Foran of the rescue group.

Tilly was found by Turlock Fire Department Engine 32 on the night of Feb. 26 stuck at the bottom of a 15 to 20 foot shaft at the water quality site. 

The fire crew was able to lower a harness and secure it to the dog’s torso. With the help of Turlock Police officers and Turlock Water Quality employees, the dog was hoisted out of the shaft.

Tilly spent about two weeks at the Turlock Animal Shelter before the rescue group took custody. She did not have a collar or microchip and no owner came forward to claim her.

“It was obvious she came from a home that did not take good care of her and that she had suffered some abuse,” said Foran. “She had a pretty bad case of fly bites on her ears and was pretty skittish. But she still liked being handled. On the ride back to Sacramento she kept nudging me and putting her head on my chest.”

Foran is hopeful the bad days are all behind Tilly. She is staying in a foster home with one other dog and is already showing some significant signs of improvement and socialization.

“I spoke to her caregiver and he says she is doing well and is happy,” Foran said. “She has already learned to sit for treats.”

Foran expects Tilly will be ready for adoption within a week or two.