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Retiring Old Glory
flag pic
Brandon Shively retires American flags on Friday in a ceremony he coordinated for his Eagle Scout project. - photo by JAYDEEP BHATIA / The Journal

For Eagle Scout Brandon Shively, nothing is more important than the American flag.

On Friday evening, Shively, along with members of the Turlock Fire Department, participated in a flag retirement ceremony at Fire Station #2.  At the ceremony, Shively and his fellow scouts retired old and tattered American flags by placing them in a fire.

Shively organized the ceremony as part of his Eagle Scout Badge Project, and said the idea to retire flags came out of his affinity for the country and the long lineage of military service in his family.

“To me, there is really nothing more important than honoring the flag,” said Shively. “I come from a long military history, so this is just my way to honor those who have given their lives for this country.”

Shively, who graduated last year from Pitman High School, also stated that the ceremony was  in honor of his great grandfather, who served in World War II. Because of his military background, he has been a part of a number of flag retirement ceremonies. As for becoming serviceman himself, Shively stated that he is “strongly considering it.”

The flags retired in the ceremony were donated by community members.