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Rockies Rustic Designs creates custom gifts
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Rochelle Ramirez of Hughson recently began crating customizable, wood-burned pieces of home dcor, like these Halloween and fall-themed magnets, and autumn-inspired plaque. - photo by Photo Contributed

Name of business: Rockies Rustic Designs


Type of business: Custom home décor


Location :; @rockiesrusticdesigns


Contact information:


Specialty: Wood-burned designs


History of business:


When Rochelle Ramirez purchased a wood burning kit earlier this year to make her boyfriend a gift, she never dreamed it would turn into a business. After a summer full of creating rustic and customizable designs on quaint pieces of crafty wood, the Hughson resident is now the proud owner of Rockies Rustic Designs, through which she provides made-to-order, wood-burned home goods to the community.


“I like to work with people, hear the ideas they have and create something they want,” said Ramirez.


Whether it’s the coordinates of where a couple first met, a scene from the movie “Up” or a favorite Bible verse, Ramirez can create decorative pieces of wood that reflect their owner’s story or personality, she said. From magnets to coasters to larger pieces, which she calls plaques, an infinite number of ideas can be put onto wood through Ramirez’s Etsy shop and Instagram account.


“Most things are people asking me, ‘Hey, can you make me this?’” said Ramirez. “I just take different elements of what they want and put it together.”


In celebration of the arrived fall season, Ramirez has made many Halloween and autumn-themed décor items, like small magnets featuring spider webs and jack-o-lanterns, or a large plaque that reads, “Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling.”


Ramirez has also created wood-burned designs for local businesses, like a welcome sign for Geer Dental Care and custom crates for Stackhouse Orchards, which featured the company’s logo burned into the bottom of the boxes.


She also adds homemade stains to each piece, if desired, and finds her wood slices either at craft stores, or from actual trees.


“One day, I hope to cut the wood myself,” she said.