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Ron Macedo: Agriculture ambassador, leader of the year
Ron Macedo
Ron and Karen Macedo pose in front of their corn maze as onlookers behind them marvel at the size and breadth of Macedos successful bounty. - photo by Photo Contributed

Since he was a boy, Turlock native Ron A. Macedo knew he was going to grow up to be a farmer, but he never imagined that he would one day be named the  Turlock Chamber of Commerce’s Agricultural Leader of Year.

“I am humbled. To be listed is quite an honor,” Macedo said shortly after receiving the recognition on Jan. 25.

Macedo’s first taste of agriculture was introduced by father and three older brothers, who fostered his knowledge to grow effective crops.

“I was with my dad, forever,” Macedo said of the experience. “My dad already wanted me there; I thought it was a good thing to do. I like to be outside and be a part of farming.”

His relationship with agriculture flourished, as well as his crops, the older he grew. After attending Turlock High School, Macedo began farming on his own in 1980 at the age of 20. Since then, he has carried out his father’s tradition.

He owns R.A.M. Farms, Inc. a custom farming and farm management business in Turlock. Over the years, the Macedo family has grown everything from sweet potatoes to watermelons, oats, almonds, black eye beans, alfalfa and corn.

But his commitment to agriculture didn’t end there. Eventually, Macedo joined the Turlock Irrigation District as a Board Director, and overlooks basic agricultural, water, and power reports that affect the community.

However, Macedo is best known in the overall community for his amazing pumpkin patch and corn maze — a recent endeavor he started five to six years ago.

The event began with only a few pumpkins placed on the side of the road, then quickly evolved into one of the most charming fall festival displays in Turlock. Ron and Karen Macedo dressed their crops for the event and watched in amazement as the community flocked towards their newest business.

“With the pumpkin patch, I think I really found my niche. Being a farmer sometimes, you are isolated. But I really do enjoy being with the people,” said Macedo about the perks of owning a pumpkin patch and corn maze.

Macedo’s reputation grew quickly based on the size of the crops and his friendly demeanor in speaking about agricultural events.

“Everybody’s first question is, ‘do you grow all theses?’ And I can say, ‘I really do.’ I love to tell people about it. I enjoy being an ambassador for what agriculture is,” Macedo said. “The community has been so supportive. They thank me for what we are doing there, and in turn I thank them for their support.”

Being named Agricultural Leader of the Year Award is quite an accomplishment as Stanislaus County has a long commitment to farming. Best of Turlock committee members were pleased by their decision based on Macedo’s community involvement.

“Ron is exemplified in what he does and what he is doing for the Turlock community,” said Turlock Chamber of Commerce CEO/President Sharon Silva. “He puts a lot of effort into his work and is very involved. He is a really great guy. He is exceptional.”