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Schells Sport Shop finds niche with rare guns
in business pic
Carl Schell shows one of the many antique firearms that are sold at Schells Sport Shop, a 1906 Winchester rifle. - photo by ANGELINA MARTIN/The Journal

Type of business: Full service gun shop

Hours: Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: 2111 Geer Road Suite 209

Contact information: 209-634-5087

Specialty: Antique firearms

History of business:

In 1975, Carl Schell was looking for a way to sell some of the countless guns he had in his possession. When nearby stores wouldn’t accept trade-ins, he decided to take matters into his own hands and acquired a business license, opening what is known today as Schell’s Sport Shop.

“I’ve always been interested in guns,” said Schell, who sells new and used guns at the shop, as well as antique and collectible firearms, ammunition and holsters.

Schell holds an impressive display of antique guns in the shop, such as a rifle used in battle during the Napoleonic era. Schell often quizzes people who bring in antique or collectible guns to ensure their authenticity, he said, and the value of the gun typically depends on its history and who was its owner. One particular 1902 Colt pistol in the shop is valued at $1,500.

“I love talking guns, because you get so much information that you wouldn’t know before,” said Schell.

In addition to firearm sales, Schell’s also offers firearm training for the beginner, advanced and professional. The shop has graduated over 8,000 students through their firearm classes, which include Concealed Carry Weapon courses, personal, home and business defense training and combat focus shooting. Each class is practiced on a shooting range, and emphasizes knowledge of laws pertaining to the ownership of a gun.

Repairs are available at the shop as well, for both guns purchased in the store or elsewhere. Schell believes his knowledge of firearms sets the shop apart from other local gun stores.

“If I can’t repair it, I don’t sell it,” he said.

According to Schell, those interested in bringing in antique guns for estimates or attending a firearm training class are welcome to walk into the shop with any questions.