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Several Turlock roads slated for speed limit changes
480px-Speed Limit 45 sign.svg.png

Speed Limit Changes




Increased Speed Zones

Berkeley Ave., N. Hawkeye Ave., E. to East Ave. 25 to 30

Colorado Ave. Taylor Rd., E. to Hawkeye Ave., E. 30 to 35

Crowell Rd. Monte Vista Ave., W. to Tuolumne Rd., W. 25 to 30

First St., N. Chestnut St. to Olive Ave., E. 30 to 35

Georgetown Ave. Walnut Rd., N. to Del's Ln. 25 30

Golden State Blvd., N. Canal Dr., W. to Main St., W. 30 to 35

Minaret Ave., N. Main St., E. to East Ave. 25 to 30

Olive Ave., N. Canal Dr., E. to Christoffersen Parkway, E. 30 to 35

Orange St., S. Main St., W. to Montana Ave. 25 to 30

Quincy Rd., N Swan Park Dr. to Tuolumne Rd., E. 35 to 40

Springer Dr., W. Crowell Rd. to Geer Rd. 25 to 30

Tuolumne Rd., E. Berkeley Ave., N. to Waring Rd. 35 to 40



Lowered Speed Zones

Countryside Dr. Monte Vista Ave., W to Tuolumne Rd., W. 40 to 35

Crowell Rd. Paseo Belleza to Monte Vista Ave., W 35 to 25

Fulkerth Rd. State Route 99 to Tully Rd., N. 40 to 35

Fulkerth Rd. Washington Rd., N. to Tegner Rd., N. 55 to 45

Golden State Blvd., N Fulkerth Rd. to Canal Dr., W. 45 to 40

Golden State Blvd., N Taylor Rd., W. to Fulkerth Rd. 55 to 50

Hawkeye Ave., E. Colorado Ave. to Waring Rd. 40 to 35

Minnesota Ave., W Del's Ln. to Geer Rd. 30 to 25

Olive Ave., E. Canal Dr., E. to N. First St. 30 to 35

Tuolumne Rd., W. Golden State Blvd., N to Geer Rd. 30 to 25


New Speed Zones

N = "Not Currently Posted"

"A" St. Lander Ave. to First St., S. N 30

"B" St. Lander Ave. to First St., S. N 25

"C" St. Lander Ave. to First St., S. N 25

"D" St. Lander Ave. to First St., S. N 25

"F" St., E. Golden State Blvd., S to Alpha Rd. N 25

Arbor Wy. N. Berkeley Ave. to Quincy Rd., N. N 25

Atherstone Rd. Golden State Blvd., N to Tegner Rd., N. N 35

Broadway, S. Olive Ave., E. to "D" St. N 25

Castleview Dr. Johnson Rd., N. to Quincy Rd., N. N 25

Colorado Ave. Hawkeye Ave., E. to East Ave. N 30

Delbon Ave. Olive Ave., N. to Colorado Ave. N 25

Denair Ave., N. Hawkeye Ave., E. to North Ave. N 25

Denair Ave., N. Canal Dr., E. to Hawkeye Ave., E. N 30

Georgetown Ave. Del's Ln. to Andre Ln. N 25

Heathernoel Wy. Colorado Ave. to Berkeley Ave., N. N 25

Kilroy Rd., N. Christoffersen Parkway, W. to Paseo Del Sol N 25

Linwood Ave., W. Tegner Rd. to Washington Rd., S. N 55

McKenna Dr. Christoffersen Parkway, W. to Summerton Ln. N 25

Olive Ave., W. Lander Ave. to West Ave. North N 25

Palm St., N. Olive Ave., E. to Minaret Ave., N. N 25

Palm St., N. Hawkeye Ave., E. to Olive Ave., E. N 30

Sebastian Dr. Quincy Rd., N. to Daubenberger Rd., N. N 25

Spengler Wy. Kilroy Rd., S. to Tegner Rd., S. N 35

Springer Dr., E. Olive Ave., N. to Berkeley Ave., N. N 25

Springer Dr., E. Geer Rd. to Olive Ave., N. N 30

Washington Rd., N. W. Main St. to Fulkerth Rd. N 55

Washington Rd., S. Main St., W. to Linwood Ave., W. N 55

West Ave. North Park St. to Main St., W. N 25

Drivers may want to pay extra attention to the speedometers on their vehicles in upcoming weeks as the posted speed limits may be changing on several streets in Turlock.

According to the City of Turlock setting speed zones is based upon several fundamental concepts, including the idea that driving behavior is an extension of social attitude; the competent and careful actions of a reasonable person should be considered legal; and laws are established to protect the public from unreasonable behavior by individuals. Precipitated by the need to become compliant with the state regulations the Turlock City Council passed a request to amend the municipal code and in turn allow proper enforcement of speed limits to take place.

Studies are conducted every five years with a two year extension occasionally granted. The City of Turlock had exhausted its current study’s term and local Turlock Police Department volunteers as well as Engineering Department staff monitored driving on streets across Turlock in order to determine updated, accurate speed limits.

“Every study has a shelf life,” explained Director of Development Services and City Engineer Michael Pitcock. “The Police cannot use radars when monitoring speed if a study is expired and they have to pace behind people.  In order for radar to be enforceable in court the speed study has to be updated.”

The speed limits are determined by individuals sitting in unmarked cars and “shooting” a minimum of 100 vehicles with a radar gun to determine the 85 percentile of driving speeds.

“The 85 percentile is the speed at which they feel people will drive at a safe speed. That is how we set our speed limits,” said Pitcock before the council on Tuesday.

Among the roads seeing an increase in 5 miles per hour are Berkeley Avenue between East Hawkeye Avenue and East Avenue; North Golden State Boulevard between West Canal Drive and West Main Street; and East Tuolumne Road between North Berkeley Avenue and Waring Road as well as nine other street segments.

 Streets at which speed limits will be reduced include Countryside Drive between West Monte Vista Avenue and West Tuolumne Road; North Golden State Boulevard between Fulkerth Road and West Canal Drive, as well as eight other streets segments.

There will also be several new speed limits posted through the city at places where signs were not previously marked per requirements of the federal government. For streets with which the city uses federal funds, which it often does for overlay projects where new asphalt is poured on top of existing roads for instance, the City is required to conduct surveys. These are known as “federal aid routes” and as a recipient of federal funding for roadway rehabilitation projects, the City is required to conduct Surveys on every non-local road as identified on the California Roadways Systems map. Some of these streets include Delbon Avenue between North Olive Avenue and Colorado Avenue; West Linwood Avenue between Tegner Road and South Washington Road; as well as 26 other street segments which could soon see new speed limit signs pending the council’s approval at the next meeting. If approved, new signs will be posted after 30 days.