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Six couples celebrate over 50 years of marriage
senior couples pic1
Wyamah and Paul Toupin enjoy personalized wedding cakes in honor of their 56 years of marriage. - photo by NANCY ANGEL / The Journal

Turlock Couples Honored at Senior Dinner


Albert and Della Mitzel — 63 years married

John and Marjorie Schali — 59 years married

Wayne and Beatriz Christian — 59 years married

Cecil and Tula Coffee — 58 years married

Bob and Hazel Boydstrun — 57 years married

Paul and Wyamah Toupin — 56 years married


Wyamah knew it was love at first sight when she first laid eyes on Paul Toupin. Fifty-six years of marriage and four kids later, Paul and Wayamah Toupin were one of six couples that were honored by the Turlock Senior Citizens club on Thursday night for being married over 50 years.  

“These couples deserve to be recognized,” said Turlock Senior Citizens President Liz Ford.  “Not only are they a testament of true love in our society, they are also setting a good example for the community.”

In honor of the six couples, a potluck dinner was held with different assortments of refreshments, including a personalized cake for each couple in remembrance of their wedding day.

“This celebration is very important to us because this will be the last generation that we will ever see couples that have been married for over 50 years,” added Ford.  “Nowadays, couples are getting married at an older age, while others get divorced.”

Couples danced the night away to their favorite music while they strolled down memory lane and recounted the first time they met.

“There was a mysteriousness about him that left me intrigued,” said Wyamah Toupin.  “We were high school sweethearts and got married a couple of years after we graduated from high school.  I can’t imagine how my life would have been without him.  He is my soul mate.”

Married life wasn’t easy for the couple, said Paul Toupin.  There were a lot of bumps and bruises along the road.

“We had our problems.  I was in the Air Force and we were away from our family for long periods of time.  This greatly affected our relationship,” said Paul.  “As challenging as it was, we made a commitment to each other, and here we are, 56 years later and still going strong.”

While some couples relived the trajectory of their marriage, others were quick to give their two cents to the younger couples.

“It’s so easy for couples to walk away from each other,” said Albert and Della Mitzel, who were the longest married couple of the evening at 63 years.  “Communication and patience with one another is the best advice we could give.  Never go to sleep with unresolved issues, but most importantly, always try to find new ways to show your significant other how much you love them.”