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Stanislaus County records 28th COVID-19 death
Nursing Home Act would require facility testing
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Within the last 24 hours Stanislaus County recorded 10 new cases of COVID-19 and the total number of cases grew to 621 with 28 deaths.

Of the 28 deaths, 18 have come from Turlock Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, which also has seen 152 cases among staff and current and former residents.

All total, cluster outbreaks at skilled nursing facilities account for 24 percent of Stanislaus County's cases. Outbreaks at non-skilled nursing health care facilities were at 2 percent and the worksites at these places accounted for 11 percent of the cases, according to the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency.

Seventy-three percent of the deaths came from skilled nursing facilities and 4 percent were from non-skilled health care worksites. Non-cluster cases accounted for 23 percent of the county's deaths.

Gathering events were responsible for 5 percent of the cases in the county and cruises were behind 1 percent of the cases. Fifty-seven of the cases were from non-cluster transmission.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak at TNRC, Congressman Josh Harder announced on Thursday that he will introduce the Nursing Home Pandemic Safety Act of 2020, legislation which will require nursing homes to test residents and employees with the help of the Department of Health and Human Services. The bill would require HHS to enter into contracts with test producers to procure tests specifically designated for nursing homes and skilled nursing homes. It would also explicitly require facilities to make tests available to residents and staff.

“Nursing homes are the epicenter of this pandemic – residents are at higher risk because of their age, preexisting conditions, and their close proximity – we have to prioritize testing at these facilities,” said Rep. Harder. “The federal response has been terrible. CMS has been asleep at the wheel and seniors across the country have paid the ultimate price as a result. We need to care for our most vulnerable, and that starts with testing.”

Of the 621 cases, 98 are presumed active and 495 are presumed recovered.

Direct person-to-person contact remains the primary transmission of COVID-19 in Stanislaus County at 70.71 percent. Community transmission accounted for 26.38 percent of the cases and travel was responsible for 2.91 percent.

A total of 111 people have been hospitalized in Stanislaus County with COVID-19. Of those, 52 are current and eight are in ICU. The county has 52 percent of the hospital beds available, along with 45 percent of the ICU beds and 85 percent of the ventilators.

The disparity between the Hispanic population in Stanislaus County and the rate of infection among Hispanics continues to grow. Hispanics make up 47 percent of the county's population and account for 61 percent of the infections. On the other side, whites make up 41 percent of the county's population and 27 percent of infections. Asian Americans make up 5 percent of the county's total population and account for 6 percent of the cases. African Americans represent 3 percent of the total population in the county and 3 percent of the cases. Pacific Islanders represent 1 percent of the county and 1 percent of the infections. American Indian represents 1 percent of the county population, and 1 percent of the cases. The classification of other accounts for 3 percent of the population in the county and 2 percent of the cases.

People 20 years and younger make up 8 percent of the cases. Those between 21 to 30 years account for 15 percent of the cases. Individuals 31 to 40 years represent 15 percent of the cases, while those 41 to 50 years account for 18 percent. Those between 51 to 60 years make up 16 percent of the cases, followed by those 61 to 70 years, which make up 10 percent of the cases. People in the ages of 71 to 80 years account for 8 percent of the cases and those from 81 to 90 years are at 8 percent. Those 91 and over account for 3 percent of the cases in the county.

The cases are split 54 percent among females and 46 percent among males.

Turlock has the most cases in the county at 185. Modesto has 159 reported cases, followed by 77 in Ceres, and 48 in Patterson. Stanislaus County District 5 has 32 cases, District 3 has 25 cases and District 2 has 21 cases. Riverbank has 14 cases and Newman has 13 cases. Waterford has 12 cases. Oakdale has 9 cases and District 1 and Hughson each have 7. Any area with less than five cases is not reported by the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency.

In Merced County's neighboring communities to Turlock, Delhi has 22 cases and Hilmar has six. All total, Merced County has had 251 cases, with 98 presumed active and six deaths.