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Stanislaus County still in purple tier, but making progress towards red
COVID tier map

Stanislaus County remains in the purple tier under the state's guidelines, but if testing positivity rates can remain at the current level then the county will be moved into the red tier on March 23.

Typically, a tier reassignment happens when the metrics for testing positivity and daily case rates are both met. However, the California Department of Public Health does have an exception that could be to the benefit of Stanislaus County. The exception comes into play when the testing positivity rate meets the metrics of two tiers down, which in this case would be the orange tier.

Stanislaus County adjusted case rate of 11.8 cases per 100,000 residents and a testing positivity rate of 4.9 percent with an equity quartile positivity rate of 4.7 percent. The equity quartile positivity rate adjusts for efforts being made to stop the spread of COVID-19 in neighborhoods and regions that have been the hardest hit. Because both testing positivity rates have fallen below 5 percent, Stanislaus County has an opportunity to move to the red tier. In order to do so, Stanislaus County will need to improve or maintain both these rates for one more week, while also improving or maintaining its adjusted case rate. If this is accomplished, the California Department of Public Health will place Stanislaus County into the red tier on March 23, according to the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency.

“As our cases continue to drop, we must remain vigilant in our efforts in stopping the spread of COVID‐19 so more sectors of our community, including our schools, can open,” said Stanislaus County Public Health Officer Dr. Julie Vaishampayan. “Following all the recommendations to prevent the spread of this disease, including testing, masking, distancing, and getting the vaccine when it’s your turn can help our community move forward faster and start recovering."

Under the red tier restrictions on indoor dining, entertainment venues and gyms would be less and in-school instruction could happen at junior high and high schools.

Stanislaus County's COVID-19 vaccinations are currently open to individuals in Phase 1A and 1B, which includes individuals 16 years or older who work in education, childcare, food, agriculture and emergency services. Individuals living or working in certain environments and those with health conditions that make them more susceptible to a serious COVID-19 illness case also are eligible for vaccinations. This includes people with cancer, kidney disease, heart and/or lung conditions, Down syndrome, organ transplant recipients, pregnancy, sickle cell disease, severe obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Individuals who live or work in a congregate residential setting, such as an incarceration/detention facility, homeless shelter, or behavioral health facility are eligible, as are Public transit workers, including airport workers for commercial airlines.

Individuals with these health conditions are strongly encouraged to seek vaccination with a primary health care provider or system, or in an alternate clinical setting. Check first with your usual health care provider.

Appointments are available at some clinics 48 hours before they open. Sign up at or call (833) 422-4255 to find out if it’s your turn. If you’re eligible, you can schedule an appointment, or register to be notified when one is available.