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State gas prices climbing once again
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Summer is the season of sunny days, ice cold refreshments and, unfortunately for many Californians, rising prices at the pump. With a wallet-binding combination of rising oil prices and high demand for gasoline, many Americans will notice the increasing cost when topping off their tanks.

California has the highest average regular gas price of any state in the U.S. at approximately $2.86, nearly 10 cents higher per gallon than the next highest state. This figure is actually an increase of $0.06 since the month of May.

Despite this alarming trend, AAA states that although state retail fuel prices are moving up and register as the highest in the nation, they are stabilizing.

Comforting words for frequent drivers as just a year ago, the average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline spiraled out of control to a whopping $3.54, $0.68 more expensive than today’s average.

“The state average retail price of fuel is relatively steady and have moved by three cents or less over the past week,” said Cynthia Harris, AAA Northern California spokesperson. “But continual overall decrease of fuel costs marks the fourth consecutive year of lower gas prices, spelling a prolonged period of relief for pocketbooks.”

Residents of Turlock can take an additional sigh of relief as the average price of gas within city limits is some of the lowest across the state.

With the city's average price per gallon of regular unleaded at approximately $2.60, Turlock sits near the bottom of the highest city averages across California with Marysville being the lowest at $2.57 and San Francisco at $3.02.