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Take the 'Water Pledge' and reap the benefits
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Take the pledge to commit to making more water efficient action in and around your home and receive a free water conservation device from the City of Turlock.

 Water is California’s most precious resource. And, as we continue to experience changing water conditions and a growing need to protect and conserve our supply, we can no longer take water for granted. Join the City of Turlock and your fellow neighbors in the pledge to conserving water. The “Water Pledge” is a simple, yet effective tool for encouraging residents to reduce water use. Simple steps such as committing to taking shorter showers, watering the lawn one less day per week, or installing low flow devices to sinks and showerheads can reduce the average household’s water use by several hundred gallons per month. Think about the water savings we could create all year by implementing these actions today. Make the promise to do your part. After all, it’s our water and it’s worth saving!

 Visit the City of Turlock’s website at Click on the “Take the Pledge” icon and start saving. Once you have completed the pledge, you will receive a free water conservation device (via mail). If you have other tips or suggestions for saving water, please let us know. Contact Municipal Services at 209-668-5590.

— Brought to you by the City of Turlock Municipal Services Department


 Water Conservation Tip #13

RUN DISHWASHER WHEN IT’S FULL: Don’t waste water using the dishwater for small loads. Load the dishwasher fully before operating. Many newer dishwashers require little or no advance rinsing of dishes. Read the instruction manual for your machine to determine if you can minimize rinse water usage.