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Taking care of the ‘Stinkys’
Anthony Perez has been around dogs and other furry friends his entire life, and the maintenance that comes with them led him to start his own pet waste management business, Stinkys (Photo contributed).

Name of business: Stinkys

Type of business: Pet waste management

Location: Turlock to Merced

Contact: (209) 913-0020 or


History of business:

While pets can be great cuddle buddies and make for cute Instagram or Facebook photos, one thing that is not usually shown off is the maintenance that comes with them. Anthony Perez of Delhi knows it firsthand as the owner of three English Bulldogs.

Because of his experience caring for his own dogs, Perez decided to start a side job, one whose name is pretty straightforward – Stinkys.

Stinkys officially launched in March, a business endeavor that Perez decided to jump into after helping family and friends properly dispose of their pet waste.

“Everybody thinks it’s kind of gross, but we all have to deal with it with our own pets,” Perez said. “It’s also that some people really need this service because they aren’t home because of work or other things, and they obviously don’t want things piling up, which is even more gross.”

Perez is an iron worker by trade, and prior to experiencing the industry himself, had noticed the popularity and need of these services in other regions, such as the Bay Area.

“I would always be working and would see them drive around. I was just thinking to myself, ‘Is that really possible? Is that really a thing.’ And it’s a huge thing especially in Sacramento, Bay Area, so when me and other people needed this service, I decided to bring it to the Turlock and Merced areas.”

Stinkys provides services weekly and bi-weekly for one or multiple dogs or cats. In terms of these pets, Perez and his business offer kettle cleaning and pressure washing for areas where pets may live and roam. In addition, there are services to pick up after birds, particularly in areas where they are prevalent. And it’s not just the smaller, traditional pets that Stinkys can handle, as there are also options for stall cleaning and sanitizing.

Aside from pet waste being flat out gross, Perez explained that disposing of waste is important to the health and sanitization of humans and pets. Pet waste can also contain harmful bacteria nutrients and parasites that can pollute waterways and harm the environment.

Prices vary on each of the services and can be viewed online at