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Taking the long road
bike girl
Turlocker Erin Nelson prepares to leave for her around the world bike trip on Wednesday. - photo by ANDREA GOODWIN / The Journal

Erin Nelson set off on Wednesday morning on what she describes as a “bike ride around the world.” Nelson left her Turlock home headed south for Fresno. From Fresno she will go to Los Angeles, where she said she is booked to speak on “Good Day LA.” She then plans to head to Dallas, Texas, then up to New York where she will take a plane to Morocco. From Africa, she will travel to Europe, China, India, Australia, British Columbia and back into the United States.  Nelson has been planning this journey for almost a year. When the Turlock Journal interviewed Nelson in January she said she would have to raise between $5,000 and $8,000 for the trip.

Nelson has since secured sponsorships including one from Rubber Soul in Fresno, where she planned a stop on Friday morning. Nelson was not nervous about traveling alone in foreign countries or sleeping on the side of the road if she had to.

“I’m not nervous. I’m just ready to leave,” Nelson said.

Nelson will chronicle her travel experience at