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The City of Turlock introduces its first Water Saving Hero: Covenant Village of Turlock
conservation corner pic
Covenant Village's proactive approach to water conservation, like drastically reducing its landscape water use, earned it the honor of being named a City of Turlock Water Saving Hero. - photo by KRISTINA HACKER / The Journal

The City of Turlock is happy to announce the first Water Saving Hero, Covenant Village of Turlock. From Jan. 1 through Sept. 30 of this year, Covenant Village has reduced its landscape water use by 4,934,790 gallons of water!

The drought has had an intense impact on the valley, and resulted in Covenant Village staff and residents taking a proactive approach to water conservation. Their approach included reviewing and evaluating their sprinkler system, making adjustments and repairs as needed, and adding mulch to help retain as much moisture as possible.

Small changes in daily habits and how landscape is maintained can have profound effects on conserving water, and Covenant Village’s efforts are an excellent example of such. The Turlock City Council will recognize Covenant Village for their good stewardship with water conservation at Tuesday's Council meeting held at 6 p.m. in the Turlock City Council Chambers.

“In this severe drought, we appreciate the efforts of our community partners to conserve water,” said Mayor Gary Soiseth. “While every drop counts, saving almost five million gallons during 2015 is exceptional and Covenant Village deserves to be our very first Water Saving Hero.”

“With encouragement and hard work by our employees and residents, we are grateful to see great results on our water reduction. For the sake of the Turlock community in the midst of this drought, we want to do our part,” said Covenant Village Executive Director Bob Howell.

The City of Turlock asks the community to nominate friends, family or themselves for demonstrating water conservation efforts. Go to the City of Turlock’s website at From the home page, click on “City Departments” and then click on “Municipal Services.” Under the Quick Links box you will find a link to “Nominate a Water Saving Hero.”

For questions or additional information, contact Municipal Services at 209-668-5590.


Report water waste: The City of Turlock encourages the community to report water waste. This can be done by contacting Municipal Services or filling out a water waste report on the City’s website at: