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The City of Turlock is now in stage three of the emergency water shortage plan
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As a result of the severity of California's drought, the city manager of the City of Turlock hereby orders the implementation of Stage 3 of the City of Turlock's Emergency Water Shortage Plan.
Outdoor landscape watering is now restricted to two days per week throughout the City of Turlock, as follows:
• No watering between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. weekdays.
• No watering between noon and midnight on weekends.
• Watering days for ODD numbered houses are Wednesday and Sunday.
• Watering days for EVEN numbered houses are Tuesday and Saturday.
• No watering at all on Monday, Thursday or Friday.
The City of Turlock encourages all citizens to work together to save water and preserve the City's water supply.
For questions or additional information, contact Municipal Services at 209-668-5590.

Aerate your lawn: There is no reason to overwater your lawn, now that we have reduced water days. Try aerating your lawn, by doing this you will break up the compacted soil which will in turn, allow water to penetrate better, and will conserve water.