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Fire Call Summary, September 2012
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The Turlock Fire Department responded to a total of 457 incidents during the month of September. These included a total of 295 emergency medical service calls.
Turlock Fire responded to 29 motor vehicle accidents, and 23 commercial/ residential fire alarms. There were a total of 19 fire type calls: 3 building fires, 1 portable building fire, 2 outside equipment fires, 4 vegetation/ rubbish fires, 1 arching/ shorted electrical wiring type fire, 3 unauthorized fires, 1 Dumpster fire, 2 vehicle fires, and 2 fires classified as "other." Remaining incidents consisted of public assists, assist to police, animal rescues, smoke checks, gas leaks, haz-mat, lock-out, etc.
Turlock Firefighters and Emanuel Cancer Center have partnered for "working towards a cure." Firefighters have traded in their blue t-shirts for pink shirts. You have a chance to join them and many others who have already begun showing their support in our community. All profits go to an endowment at Emanuel Cancer to support patients and families affected by all types of cancers, not just breast cancer. You can purchase your very own Turlock Fire Breast Cancer Awareness shirt via our website at, the Farmers Market downtown on Friday mornings, or at the Emanuel Medical Center gift shop.
"Like" us on Facebook at Turlock Firefighters, Local #2434
By following us on Facebook you can see what events we are holding involving the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and future charities and events throughout the year.

October is fire prevention month
Mark your calendar on, Oct. 7-13. Why? Annually, October has a week dedicated to fire prevention and this year's theme is, "Have TWO ways out." Fires in the home can happen at any time and move extremely fast. Having an escape plan prepares your family to think and exit quickly when that smoke detector sounds.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010 U.S. fire departments responded to 369,500 house fires, which claimed the lives of 2,640 people (not including firefighters). Fire claiming one individual's life is one too many. That is why Turlock Fire Department is encouraging you and your family to create a fire escape plan with two ways out, discuss it and practice it with the entire family. Your plan should include the following:
• A floor plan showing all doors and windows.
• TWO ways out of each room marked in your plan.
• A marked meeting place that is a safe distance outside your home.
• A separate plan to assist any young children, older adults, or people with disabilities.
• MOST IMPORTANTLY, practice, practice and then practice again so that if a fire occurs in your home, your family won't become a statistic.
I would like to remind everyone that winter is quickly approaching and to use caution when using portable heaters. Keep a minimum area of 3 feet clearance around heaters and do not place them close to beds or curtains. Also, it's time to change your clocks back on Nov. 4. That also means it is time to change your batteries in your smoke and CO detectors. Working smoke alarms reduce the risk of dying in a house fire by 50 percent and are an important part in your Fire Escape Plan.
- Fire Marshall, Mark Gomez