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Turlock Fire Call Summary, November 2012
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The Turlock Fire Department responded to a total of 491 incidents during the month of November. These included a total of 283 emergency medical service calls. Turlock Fire responded to 18 motor vehicle accidents, and 35 commercial/ residential fire alarms. There were a total of 23 fire type calls: Three building fires, one cooking fire, four vegetation/ rubbish fires, two electrical wiring type fires, three excessive heat, scorch burns fire, three vehicle fires, six unauthorized burnings, and one chimney or flue fire. Remaining incidents consisted of public assists, assist to police, chemical reaction rupture, water or steam leak, smoke checks, gas leaks, haz-mat, and a refrigeration leak.
HERE COMES SANTA: It's the holiday season and Santa Claus is coming to town. Every year the Turlock Firefighters and their Families volunteer to take Santa Claus around town in his modified fire truck slay. Please don't run out in front of Santa's fire truck. Santa's helpers will meet you street side to deliver Santa's pre-Christmas treat. Want to know when Santa will be coming to your neighborhood? Turlock Firefighters Local 2434 official Facebook page will follow Santa Claus every night at
You can also visit:
This year, Santa will be visiting us from Dec. 3-22. He hopes to drive by your street and wish you a Merry Christmas, but please keep in mind he may not be able to go around every street because of our city's size. Keep an "ear" out for the sirens and Christmas music in order to catch a glimpse of Santa and his elves.
SAFETY TIP: Keep your holidays fire free by following these safety tips:
• When purchasing a Christmas tree, check for freshness. A dry tree is highly flammable.
• Try this test: hold a branch 6 inches from the tip; pull the branch allowing it to slip through your fingers. If the tree is fresh, very few green needles will come off.
• Choose a tree stand that is designed to not tip over and that can hold plenty of water. Check water daily.
• Before placing tree in stand, cut about 6 inches off the trunk and soak tree in a bucket of water over night.
• Do not place tree near the fireplace, furnace vents, television, or any other heat sources.
• When choosing lights, buy lights labeled by a recognized testing laboratory and check annually for frayed or damaged cords.
• On Christmas trees, use small lights that stay cool to the touch or LED lights that also save energy.
• For outside decorations, use only outdoor lights. Never use indoor lights outside.
• Always unplug all decorative lights before leaving home or going to bed.
• Don't overload electrical outlets with multiple plug adaptors.
• Use caution with extension cords, make sure they're placed where people won't trip and avoid running them under carpets or rugs.