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Fire Call Summary August 2011
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The Turlock Fire Department responded to a total of 426 incidents during the month of August. These included a total of 259 emergency medical service calls. Turlock Fire responded to 19 motor vehicle accidents, and 26 commercial/ residential fire alarms. There were a total of 26 fire type calls:  five building fires, three vehicle fires, two unauthorized burns, three cooking fires, eight vegetation and/or rubbish fires, two fires in structure “other,” and three additional fire classified as “other.” Remaining incidents consisted of public assists, ring or jewelry removal, animal rescue, smoke checks, gas leaks, hazmat investigation, etc.

Additional noteworthy events included a three-story apartment complex fire. Upon arrival, fire crews found heavy smoke conditions on the third floor of the complex. Fire crews extinguished the fire within 20 minutes. No one was injured and fire damage was limited to the kitchen area with only smoke damage throughout the apartment. Two engines, one ladder truck, a battalion chief, and fire marshal responded to this incident for a total of 12 fire personnel on scene.

Another noteworthy call was to a gas leak, once on scene fire crews evacuated the houses on the block where the leak occurred as well as the block behind. Once the gas leak was contained and stopped all occupants were able to return to their house while PG&E made repairs.

Open House

The Turlock Fire Department will hold an open house during Fire Prevention Week.

The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 15 at Fire Station 1 located at 540 E. Marshall.

Bring your family and join your local fire department in demonstrations, informational booths, food and much more.

For more information, contact Fire Administration at 668-5580.



Know your way out

If a fire was to occur at your house, does your family have a plan? Having a home fire escape plan is an important part of your safety when a fire starts. Below is a checklist for you that will help you make a fire escape plan for you and your family.

·         Have working smoke detectors to wake you when you’re sleeping.

·         Make sure everyone knows two ways out of every bedroom.

·         Sleep with bedroom doors closed as this will help smoke traveling though your home.

·         Check that windows open easily from the inside allowing for a speedy escape.

·         Never use an elevator in the event of a fire. If you are unable to use the stairs to evacuate, wait in your apartment and call 911.

·         Designate a meeting place where everyone in your family can meet once outside.

·         Call 9-1-1 from a safe phone outside.

·         Make certain everyone knows that once outside the building, no one should re-enter without fire department permission.

Once you make a plan, make sure you PRACTICE it at the least annually.