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The Studio brings a community centric approach to fitness
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Carrie Vilas demonstrates TRX exercises which clients can perfect in a suspension training class, one of many that The Studio offers.

Name: The Studio

Type of Business: Fitness facility

Location: 310 East Main Street Suite J

Hours: Monday through Friday 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.; Saturday mornings

Contact: 669-7874

History of Business:  Unbeknownst to some individuals strolling through the Shopper’s Eden cove in downtown Turlock there is a bungalow-like second story to the complex with a variety of suites, one of which boasts a community centered fitness space: The Studio.

The Studio’s broad windows may overlook the bustle of East Main Street but the real action is in the small gym’s classrooms. With spin classes, kettle bell courses, boot camps, weight training, Pilates, sports conditioning, and more, The Studio’s class offerings are constantly evolving to keep clients entertained and engaged.

“The perk of it is that it prevents our clients from plateauing,” explained Owner Carrie Vilas.

Vilas and her sister ventured into the health industry years ago after achieving graduate degrees in kinesiology.

“We have a passion for health and fitness,” explained Vilas. “We’ve noticed that a lot of our clients at The Studio have an appreciation for their bodies and they realize that we understand the body. We did not decide to become trainers overnight.”

The Studio has since provided Vilas an opportunity to share her commitment to a healthy lifestyle with Turlockers since 2009. With classes not exceeding 10 people, The Studio offers an intimate environment catered to each client’s individual needs. Unique from other gyms, clients are not roped into a contract and instead purchase points which serve to pay for courses that range in value based on the time and type of course. There are also no initiation fees, and no expiration dates.

“We like people to come here because they want to and it’s the right place for them, not because we’ve locked them in,” explained Vilas.

In an effort to connect with the community, The Studio also recently instated a donation only yoga course that takes place two to three times a week.

Business Specialty: Small group and personal training.