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Trendy food truck brings custom cuisine to Turlock
TRND Foods
Anthony Barajas (pictured) and business partner Joban Singh are offering a fresh perspective on cuisine in Turlock through a creative menu at their new food truck, TRND FOODS (ANGELINA MARTIN/The Journal).

Name of business: TRND FOODS

Type of business: Food truck

Location: 4240 N. Golden State Blvd. in Turlock; @trnd.foods

Hours: Noon to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday; noon to 10 p.m. Saturday

Contact information: 209-553-0898

Specialty: Unique lunch, dinner and dessert


History of business:

Immediately upon walking up TRND FOODS in north Turlock, it’s clear that the newest food truck in town isn’t like the others. From the name of the business in big, bold letters across the front of the futuristic-looking vehicle to the otherworldly creations that come out of its kitchen, TRND is here to make its mark on the Turlock food scene in an unforgettable way.

“Ever since high school, my friends and I noticed that every food truck around here is just tacos and burritos. Everyone goes the same, traditional way, and no one really likes to change it up,” TRND co-owner Anthony Barajas said. “We said, ‘let’s just try something different and see if it works.’”

Along with his business partner Joban Singh, Barajas created a menu that would be hard to find anywhere else. They were inspired by the food truck scene in Los Angeles, Barajas said, after taking a trip there to see what kind of different options were available for diners in a bigger city.

Craving some mac and cheese with bacon and hot Cheetos? TRND’s got you covered with their “Disaster Mac.” You can get French fries topped with hot Cheetos, too, and if you’re extra hungry it can be topped with chicken. What about a beef patty with provolone cheese, pizza sauce, muenster cheese, pepperoni and lettuce? That’s their “Pizzilla” burger — just one of six different sandwich items that include both beef and chicken options.

So, how did Barajas and Singh come up with these unique combinations?

“A lot of it was trial and error…we wanted to make good food, but make it different from say a regular burger,” Barajas said.

TRND foods2
The Bubble Waffle is one of the most popular items on the TRND FOODS menu (Photo contributed).

Those with a sweet tooth can satisfy their cravings at TRND as well, courtesy of the Bubble Waffle. Barajas got the idea while traveling in Europe, he said, where the dessert item was a popular hit among locals.

To make the Bubble Waffle, TRND takes a large waffle, fills it with a spread like Nutella or peanut butter (or plain, if you prefer), ice cream, candy toppings and final touches such as whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, sprinkles or powdered sugar.

“You get to customize it yourself,” Barajas said. “A lot of people have been coming out just for that alone.”

While TRND FOODS has only been open about a week, lines have been long and the food truck’s team has been working hard to keep up. In the future, Barajas and Singh hope to utilize the vacant lot they’re parked on by hosting movie nights and other events for the community.

“It’s a lot different than I thought it would be, but as with any business a lot of little things happen all at once and you’ve just got to figure it out,” Barajas said. “We just want to be different and unique from everyone else.”