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Trixie, Turlocks four-legged visitor, finds her way home
trixie update
In this YouTube video, Tammy Crews is seen having a happy reunion with Trixie three years after her dog went missing in Kentucky. Trixie was found wondering the Turlock Wal-Mart parking lot on May 15. - photo by Photo Contributed

Trixie, the Maltese mix who was found wandering in a parking lot in Turlock, is back home in Kentucky with her family after a nearly three-year absence.

Trixie’s return to her Kentucky home began on May 15 when a stranger found her in the parking lot of the Turlock Wal-Mart and took her to the Turlock Animal Services. Animal Services Officer Katie Butler went about finding Trixie’s family and thought she had hit a dead end when Trixie’s microchip was linked with a disconnected phone number. But the check did turn up the number for her veterinarian, who was able to connect Butler with Trixie’s owner, Tammy Crews in Bowling Green Kentucky.

The family had last seen Trixie in their yard nearly three years prior and since they had never been to Turlock, they suspect she was dognapped.

The Crews family purchased a ticket for Trixie to be flown home, and on Saturday she arrived at the airport in Nashville.

In a video shared by the Crews family, Crews is seen sitting near the baggage claim area anxiously awaiting the return of her long-lost pet. She hears a noise and asks if it is Trixie or a squeaky wheel. When she sees that it’s Trixie, she burst into tears.

Trixie was equally happy to see her family. She walked right into Crews’ arms and began showering her with doggie kisses.

Crews told the Bowling Green Daily News that she always has had a soft spot in her heart for the reunion videos of pets and their families, but doubted she would have one with Trixie as they years continued to pass.

“I can’t believe this is our story,” Crews told the newspaper.

The video of the reunion is available at