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Turlock attorney spreads joy through cookies
The Cookie Counsel
Turlock resident Allyson Calvird began her business, The Cookie Counsel, in April and creates customized cookies for any occasion, like these personalized gingerbread boys and girls (Photo contributed).

Name of business: The Cookie Counsel

Type of business: Cookie bakery

Location: @cookie_counsel on Instagram

Contact information:

Specialty: Customized cookies for any occasion


History of business:

When Allyson Calvird isn’t busy at her day job as a Social Security attorney, the Turlock resident is hard at work baking custom cookies for some of life’s most important occasions — an interest and side income that began as a hobby and has exploded into a full-fledged business.

“Decorating cookies was just something I came across on Instagram and I thought it looked really cool,” Calvird said. “I was just doing it for fun and giving them away to family and friends, and then word started to spread.”

Calvird decorated her first set of cookies in April, completing a magical tray of unicorn-themed treats for a family friend’s party. To her surprise, they were a hit.

“I thought, ‘Oh wow, maybe I could sell these,’” she said.

Soon enough, The Cookie Counsel was permitted through Stanislaus County and Calvird got the go-ahead to start selling her artistic, edible creations out of her home kitchen. From graduation ceremonies and baby showers to birthday parties and holiday place settings, Calvird has created cookies for events that feature themes such as Batman, high school mascots and even llamas.

The process to meticulously make her themed cookies can take hours, Calvird said, depending on the intricacy of an order. Often times, a customer doesn’t want character-themed cookies, but asks the cookie connoisseur to simply match the look and feel of their party.

“I really like when people send me their invitation to the event, or pictures of their decorations so I can match it to them,” she said. “I love when I bring my cookies to their dessert table with all of the decorations and it just completes everything.”

Ultimately, it’s Calvird’s goal to host cookie-decorating classes and share with others the fun of an activity that has now become her business. She’s working to collaborate with AR Workshop in Turlock to host a class, and will be on hand at the Udder Market at The Udder Place on Jan. 11 to share her cookies with the community.

At the end of the day, seeing her customers light up with joy when they receive their order is Calvird’s favorite part about her newfound gig.

“I think seeing people’s faces when I give the cookies to them is definitely my favorite part,” Calvird said. “I have always had a positive response, and I still feel very humbled that people are even interested in my cookies. Everybody loves them.”