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Turlock City Fire Call Summary
Turlock City Fire pic
Turlock Firefighters Local 2434 hosted their first annual crab feed this year at the War Memorial on Jan. 15. Firefighters served approximately 213 people and made $8,987.94 for the Random Acts of Kindness fund. The fund is a program that firefighters began this last year to raise money in support of local charities and families in need within the Turlock community. The Random Acts of Kindness fund has benefited Turlock Unified School District, the Turlock Together program, Turlock Recreation, as well as individual families in need. All money raised goes straight to the community. The firefighters would like to thank all who supported this event with their attendance and donations. - photo by Photo Contributed

The Turlock Fire Department responded to a total of 447 incidents in the month of January. 

These included a total of 310 emergency medical service calls.  In addition, Turlock Fire responded to 13 motor-vehicle accidents, 12 commercial and residential fire alarms.   There was a total of 24 fire type calls:  three of those calls were building fires, five vehicle fires, four unauthorized burning fires, three cooking fires, three dumpster fires, two outside grass/rubbish fires, one camper vehicle fire, two electrical type fires, and one chimney flute fire. 

The remaining incidents consisted of public assists, smoke checks, gas leaks, etc. 

Two noteworthy calls included an emergency medical call with a person down and a commercial structure fire: Turlock Fire responded to a commercial structure fire in the area of Monte Vista and Countryside and made a stop by containing the fire to a small section of the roof.  Turlock City Fire also responded to a person down. Upon arrival, good Samaritans were performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the patient.  Turlock City Fire took over and crews were able to get strong pulses back before the person was transported to the hospital by ambulance.  Special thanks to the citizens who performed CPR, assisting in the survival of their fellow citizen. Interested in learning CPR? Contact Fire Admin at 668-5580 for details.



For Burn Awareness Week we would like to highlight Gasoline Safety Tips:

·         Gasoline is dangerous, and its vapors can explode. Carefully read all cautions on all sides of gasoline containers. Review and adhere to all safety precautions when using a portable fuel container.

·         Gasoline should be kept out of reach and should NEVER be used by children.

·         NEVER use gas to start a fire. It may cause severe injury or death.

·         DO NOT store gasoline in your vehicle or living space. Always store gasoline in well-vented areas.

·         Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors

·         Keep gasoline away from heat sources. Keep away from flame, pilot lights, stoves, heater, electrical motors and other sources of ignition. Vapors can be ignited by a spark or flame source many feet away.

·         Gas is harmful or fatal if swallowed. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Call your physician immediately. NEVER siphon gasoline by mouth.

·         Always place a container on the ground when filling to avoid static electricity ignition.

·         Keep gasoline containers closed when not in use.