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Turlock couple launches fitness apparel brand with a message
Rezilyant Apparel
Turlock residents Naomi Valadez and Carlos Padilla launched their new fitness clothing line, Rezilyent Apparel, this past Saturday (Photo contributed).

Name of business: Rezilyent Apparel

Type of business: Activewear clothing company

Location:; @rezilyent_ on Instagram

Contact information:

Specialty: Comfortable clothing with a message


History of business:

Turlock residents Naomi Valadez and Carlos Padilla are calling on the community to keep calm and remain resilient — or in the case of their new apparel line, Rezilyent. 

Life is about overcoming obstacles, which is something the engaged couple knows all too well. Padilla himself has tried and failed to start his own business before, he said, but it was “failing forward” which led him and Valadez to try something new. 

“Every business I’ve tried starting has brought us to this point and I’ve learned so much to get to where we are now,” Padilla said. “We wanted to start this clothing company that can trigger a certain passion in somebody when they’re on the edge trying to decide whether they want to do something or not.”

As fitness enthusiasts themselves, Valadez and Padilla started Rezilyent Apparel as a way to help people reach their goals. Their logo, a box with a diagonal slash through the middle, is meant to represent an attainable goal — fitness-related or not — and the two sides which come with achieving that goal. 

“One side of the line represents making any excuse as to why you can't do it, which a lot of people do, and the other side is that moment where you decide you’re just going to figure out any way possible to make it happen and just go after it,” Padilla said. “It’s about being resilient.”

Community members and even professional athletes have already resonated with the message behind Rezilyent Apparel, resulting in sponsorships and overwhelming support for the brand. Valadez and Padilla officially launched the brand’s website on July 24 after months of hard work designing apparel they would want to wear themselves.

Their stretchy, lightweight fabric can withstand any movement, from squats to sprints, and is breathable so that its wearers can withstand the Valley heat. Valadez said she, like many, “lives” in her activewear and wanted to provide tees, tanks, leggings, shorts, sports bras and more that customers would find comfortable for both workouts and day-to-day activities. 

While a fitness apparel line is a unique business path, the pair felt it was what they could best put their expertise toward.

“I'm not somebody who dresses up all the time...I love wearing my leggings and just prefer it,” Valadez said. “This is just what we're comfortable with, what we like and what we actually felt like we could critique.”

Since launching, Valadez and Padilla said the community’s support has been terrific, with some even buying two of everything. The pair has kept customers involved through fitness challenges on their Instagram account, and they’ve kept themselves busy completing orders coming in through their brand-new website. They’ve even sold Rezilyent Apparel to customers as far as North Carolina, Valadez said.

“It's a really nice feeling to know how supported we are with all of these people, and some people that we don't even know,” she said. 

“It's just love,” Padilla added. “It's cool to hear everybody say they just love what Rezilyent represents, just get after it and don't make excuses.”