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Turlock Fire Department Fire Call Summary
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Turlock Fire Department Fire Call Summary

February 2011

The Turlock Fire Department responded to a total of 393 incidents in the month of February.

These included a total of 266 emergency medical calls. In addition, Turlock Fire responded to 18 motor vehicle accidents and 24 commercial/residential fire alarms.

Turlock Fire encountered two hazardous material calls, in which crews were able to identify hazards and mitigate the situation. There were a total of 16 fire type calls: five building fires, five vehicle fires, two unauthorized controlled burns, two excessive heat/scorch burns and one fire classified as “other type.”

Remaining incidents consisted of public assists, assists to police, rescue/extraction, smoke checks, etc. Two additional noteworthy calls included a motor vehicle accident where crews utilized the Jaws of Life to extricate occupants and a residential structure fire. After extinguishing the fire, the engine company identified there were no working smoke detectors in the house. The engine company installed multiple smoke detectors throughout the house for the family and reviewed fire safety with the parents and children.

Special congratulations to Tim Lohman, who was appointed Fire Chief effective March 1.



About 70 percent of all fire related deaths in buildings occur where there was a missing or inoperable smoke detector. Most fire deaths occur at night while you’re sleeping.

Smoke alarms give early warning allowing occupants vital time to escape a fire. That makes it that much more important to have a smoke detector on every floor and for added protection, a detector should be place in every bedroom. Also, you should know how to maintain your smoke detectors.