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Turlock fire fighters come to the rescue of trapped kittens
fire fighters kittens
The Turlock Fire Department came to the rescue of four kittens that found themselves trapped on a hot roof with the temperature rising Sunday afternoon. - photo by Photo Contributed

Typically it is a Dalmatian that is associated with fire houses, but in the case of the Turlock Fire Department a kitten might be a more suitable house pet.

For the second time this year, fire fighters from the Turlock Fire Department are getting national attention for rescuing a group of kittens.

The latest rescue came Sunday afternoon when the department received a report of trapped kittens in an attic in the 300 block of W. Hawkeye Avenue.

As it turned out, the kittens had moved from the attic to the roof and were stuck up there with the hot temperature beating down on them.

The fire fighters rescued four kittens. The kittens, which are believed to be around six weeks old, were reunited with their mother and their owner.

A total of two engines, one battalion chief and the fire chief responded to the incident.

This is the second time the fire department has made the news for rescuing kittens. In early May a body camera worn by one of the department’s fire fighters captured a rescue of four kittens from a burning wood pile. The resulting video went viral.