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Turlock Fire pulls dog from watery shaft
The German Sheppard Tyler was rescued Wednesday night by the Turlock Fire Department after falling down a deep shaft at the Turlock Water Quality Plant. - photo by Photo Contributed

German Sheppards are usually associated with police departments, but there is one Turlock pooch that has taken an understandable shine to the Turlock Police Department.

Late Wednesday night the fire department’s Engine 32 had to mount a rescue mission for the dog, now known as Tyler, after it became trapped in a hole at the Turlock Water Quality Plant.

The fire fighters found the dog on the bottom rungs of a ladder at the bottom of a 15 to 20 foot shaft. The area was under construction and the ladder was being used to access the shaft. The ladder sat on a sewer line at the bottom of the shaft that was surrounded by water and other construction materials. And in the midst of all that was one scared doggie.

The fire crew was able to lower a harness and secure it to the dog’s torso.

“It took a little time to get the harness around it, because it was wedged into a corner,” said Turlock Fire Capt. Shaun Walker

With the help of Turlock Police officers and Turlock Water Quality employees, the dog was hoisted out of the shaft.

“Once we got it out it fell into the lap of one of the guys and just laid there for a while. That was the best part.”

The dog was evaluated on scene and appeared to be uninjured and happy to be out of the hole, Walker said.

Engine 32 named the dog Tyler in honor of 6-year-old Tyler Seddon, a Rhode Island boy battling leukemia for a second time. Tyler has a passion for fire fighters and emergency responders.

“We had been trying to think of something we could do for the little guy and this seemed to be a good option,” Walker said.

Tyler’s seventh birthday is March 7 and his mother is asking first responders to send him birthday cards. First responders can mail cards to 96 South Main St., Pascoag, RI. 02859.

As for Tyler the dog, she, yes she, is currently at the Turlock Animal Shelter and is said to be in good health and quite loving, albeit a bit timid. She is about two years old and weighs 69 pounds. She didn’t have a collar or a microchip. She will be available for adoption March 6.