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Turlock Fire Report Aug. 19-25
turlock fire truck

The Turlock Fire Department responded to 127 incidents between Aug. 19 and Aug. 25

●     There were three fire calls, including one building one in a motor home and one in a fuel burner/boiler malfunction. The average response time for the fire calls was seven minutes and 18 seconds. The total loss from these fires was estimated at $4,753.

●     There were 90 calls for Emergency Medical Services and rescue incidents. Among those were two calls for medical assistance and 83 for all types of EMS calls, except vehicle collisions. The fire department responded to two vehicle collisions with injuries reported and three with no injuries reported. The average response time for EMS calls was five minutes and 26 seconds.

●     There were four calls regarding hazardous conditions, which included two gas leaks, one overheated motor and one generator clean-up after a vehicle collision.

●     There were 17 calls for service. Among them were seven calls to assist invalids, one animal rescue, two smoke removal and six public service assistance calls. The average response time for service calls was five minutes and five seconds.

●     There were six good intent calls, meaning the call was either canceled en route or no incident found on arrival.

●     There were seven false calls. One was for a malfunctioning smoke alarm, one for an alarm malfunction, two false calls and one for a faulty carbon dioxide detector, among others.