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Turlock firefighters make good impression
fire team in mariposa

When Mariposa Pines resident Brenda Ann Marks answered a knock on her door and saw four firemen standing there she thought she was headed for another mandatory evacuation.

The Ferguson Fire had already forced her from her home once and a 10-day power outage had left her with a long list of chores to do before normal life could resume, so the prospect of being told she had to leave again was far from thrilling.

But rather than telling her she had to leave, these firefighters, a strike team from the Turlock Fire Department asked if she had any jobs around her home that they could help out by completing.

“I couldn’t think of anything,” Marks wrote on her Facebook page. “He then replied so sweetly do you have a lawn mower? Your lawn needs mowing and we want to do it.”

Mowing the lawn was just the beginning. The strike team, made up of Capt. Shaun Walker, Eng. Cameron Kaiser, and firefighters Steve Kramer and Corey Thibault, helped Marks get several of the chores marked off her to-do list.

The team cleaned out a freezer and an ice chest and got things cleaned up around her kitchen, Marks wrote.

“I thank them all so much for everything from saving all the homes and helping me out here at my cabin,” Marks wrote.