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Turlock Health Foods offers holistic approach to health
In Business Turlock Health Foods
Turlock Health Foods owner Lee Duchscherer indicates to an array of local honeys available for purchase at the store which, if taken daily, can help build up immunity to pollens in the air in this region.

Name of Business: Turlock Health Foods

Type of Business: Natural foods store

Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, closed Sundays

Location: 202 Lander Ave., Turlock

Contact Information: 634-7765

History of Business: The store that is now named Turlock Health Foods may have changed hands over the years, but it has been at the same location on Lander Avenue since 1947, according to owner Lee Duchscherer.

“It was the old DMV building before if you can imagine that,” said Duchscherer.

Today the building looks vastly different on the inside than it did in the 1940s. After Duchscherer purchased the store four months ago from former owners Darrell and Sheri Didreckson, who operate Sheri’s Sonshine Nutrition Center in Lodi, he performed a $35,000 interior renovation from floor to ceiling.

“It looks totally different,” said Duchscherer.

For 10 years Duchscherer co-owned a health foods store with the Didrecksons in Elk Grove and now as the sole owner of Turlock Health Foods, Duchscherer is eager to continue to impart his knowledge of the health foods industry with customers. With a Bachelor’s of Science in Natural Health and Nutrition, Duchscherer not only has the background in the industry, but he practices what he preaches.

“I set a reminder on my phone to drink my dandelion root every other day,” said Duchscherer who credits the tea with taking care of gout.

Customers who enter Turlock Health Foods often have some type of ailment they are looking to treat and with a vast array of medicinal, nutritional and herbal options, the bilingual staff is trained to ensure that customers walk out with the proper treatments.

“All of the products are based on natural ingredients,” explained Duchscherer. “It is a lot of normal, everyday stuff that can prevent a lot of problems.”

From fluoride-free toothpaste to probiotics that are popular with teachers looking to boost their immune systems, Turlock Health Foods offers a host of natural remedies.

“Anytime anyone needs to improve something in their life, this is a great place to come,” said Duchscherer.

Business Specialty: All natural foods and products to meet specific customer needs.