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Turlock inventor also pursues acting career
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Actor and Inventor Juan Pineda Sanchez joins his colleagues in Los Angeles for a film premiere. - photo by Photo Contributed

Name of Business: Master Locking Pliers

Location: Available for purchase on

Contact: (209) 534-2436

History of Business: Growing up in Turlock, entrepreneur and inventor Juan Pineda Sanchez always had a knack for “thinking outside the box.” The young inventor began his journey towards self-created success, by using his creativity and dedication to bring his ideas to life. Now with four patents from the United States Department of Commerce under his name, Pineda Sanchez is enjoying the success of his inventions, including the popular Master Locking Pliers, as well as his budding acting career in Los Angeles. 

According to Pineda Sanchez, the Master Locking Pliers, which are available for purchase on, have the capability of using various screw bits, such as Phillips, flat, star, hex and many others, like never before. Being magnetic, the pliers keep the screw bit extensions in place, making the tool multifunctional for various uses with its 7-inch curved jaw.

“I basically converted a regular pair of locking pliers into a tool that you can use for your every day needs,” said Pineda Sanchez. “The different assortment of screw bits makes it easy to use for many different projects. Instead of having a box of outdated tools, you can have one conventional tool that fits in the palm of your hand and in your pocket that will get any job done.”

Pineda Sanchez says that the Master Locking Pliers are just the first of many tools that he has underway, as he hopes to have a full line produced in mass quantities. Doing his own paperwork and research to have his various inventions patented, Pineda Sanchez says that everything he has accomplished has come from years of dedication and hard work.

“I’m making miracles happen every day in my life, and sometimes it would get tough, but I’m proud to be where I am and promoting Turlock everywhere I go,” said Pineda Sanchez. “Patenting was a very tedious process, but I put in a lot of effort to get the four gold seals from the United States patent office, and I’m proud of that.”

In addition to his work with the Master Locking Pliers and other inventions, Pineda Sanchez has also been working on his acting career in Los Angeles, where he has been filming for the past five years. Having participated in over 20 different action films, Pineda Sanchez has been given the nickname the “Pitbull of Action,” noting his resemblance to Latino Hip Hop singer “Pitbull.” Currently, Pineda Sanchez is working on set of a Sci-Fi television series called “Dream Naperz,” where a young girl is protected by a guardian angel from demons and spirits that attack her dreams. Although many of the films and television series that Pineda Sanchez has been involved in are on Spanish networks, he says he hopes to get more involved in national networks and film producers such as Paramount Pictures or Warner Brothers.

“One of my goals for the future is to work with the big production studios in LA, and that’s what I’m working on with my agents right now,” said Pineda Sanchez. “Little by little I’m making those things happen…Life is full of turns and you don’t know where you’re going to be next. But I know that I’m always going to be working on something, whether it’s my inventions or my acting career. Without my faith in God, and my hard work and sacrifices I’ve had to make in my own life, I don’t know where I would be. My ultimate goal is to keep on growing as a person and as an artist. I have achieved a lot so far, but this is only the beginning.”

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