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Turlock inventor pitches idea to 'As Seen on TV' industry leaders
Juan Pineda Sanchez pauses in Telebrands Plaza in Fairfield, New Jersey during a trip promoting his Master Locking Pliers in 2012. - photo by Photo Contributed

What can you do in five minutes? If you’re like Turlocker Juan Pineda Sanchez, you’ve got those 350 seconds to pitch your latest invention.

On Oct. 21 more than 300 individuals applied to pitch their idea to Telebrands, the largest marketer of “As Seen on TV” products, but only 25 were invited to a Los Angeles Inventors Day conference for a shot at making their invention a product for purchase.  Among that handful of individuals was Sanchez.

Sanchez invented the Master Locking Pliers, a registered brand approved by the United States Patents and Trademark Office which features a unique hand tool that affords users the ability perform multiple tasks with one item. Doubling as a pair of hand pliers as well as a screwdriver, Sanchez promoted the deluxe version of his functional item with its recent three-way ratchet upgrade before the “King of Infomercials” A.J. Khubani , the founder and CEO of Telebrands, and a panel of judges.

“It was very exciting to receive the invitation,” recalled Sanchez, who originally met Khubani in 2012.

Of the 25 presenters only a handful of inventions will be selected to potentially bring their product to market through Telebrands, the leader in direct response television which is an estimated $350 billion industry.

“The company is now doing its due diligence to find out if there is an audience for these products that could sell in the millions,” explained Telebrands spokesperson Andrea Pass.

While the Inventors Day conference allows home inventors to showcase their products and entrepreneurial spirit, according to Pass it is also a chance for “folks like Juan who are seeking to live the American Dream.”

While Sanchez is currently waiting to hear back from Telebrands, his passion for his product is not likely to wane. A self-proclaimed innovative mind, Sanchez continues to consider ways to improve his product as well as pursue new ones. While his success has taken him to Los Angeles and allowed him to work with companies abroad such as China based Winnprime, which supplies most of the world’s big retailers like Wal-Mart and Target, Sanchez does not have plans to leave town.

“Every time I do something, I do it to promote my town,” said Sanchez. “I have a lot of pride for Turlock and plan to stay here.”