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Turlock manufacturer has solution for growers irrigation needs
Ag Solution Master 2
Production Foreman Jose Reyes and General Manager of Irrigation Solutions Inc. Silby Herd stand next to an Ag Solution Master, which has been custom built to suit a customers individual needs.

Since its development by leading soil scientists in the mid 1980s, the Ag Solution Master has been maximizing the benefits of gypsum and fertilizers for farmers worldwide. Manufactured by Irrigation Solutions Inc. in Turlock, the machine makes a solution that can be applied directly through irrigation systems down to the roots when crops will benefit from it the most.

The Ag Solution Master works by mixing water with gypsum, potassium, or fertilizers into a solution that is then directly injected into any irrigation system. Growers can also opt to attach their machine to a silo, which will allow for the bulk storage of minerals.

“These machines can be used in any irrigation system you want,” said General Manager of Irrigation Solutions Silby Herd. “Growers can use it in drip, sprinklers, or flood irrigation.”

With thousands sold all over the globe, the machine is ideal for a variety of crops, including, but not limited to, grapes, almonds, and cotton. It has even been used to irrigate recreation fields and golf courses.

The benefits of the machine include improved soil structure, prevention of run-off, and maximized efficiency of fertilizers and other products. The Ag Solution Master also conserves water by getting the nutrients down to the roots faster rather than just having the water evaporate away, a common issue that Herd said many growers face.

“By having it mix up into solution already and going through your system, it gets down to the roots faster,” said Herd, “it actually starts doing its job faster than the alternatives.”

With a network of dealers up and down the state, the Ag Solution Master has sold approximately 4,000 machines worldwide, including locations in Oregon, Canada, and Australia. Herd posed that the widespread popularity of the machine can most likely be attributed to the growing difficulty that growers face when it comes to finding water to irrigate their crops.

“Right now with the water shortage, growers need to utilize every drop of water that they can get,” concluded Herd, “and what water they get, the Ag Solution Master will get it down into the ground as quickly as possible.”

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