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Turlock mom creates custom signs for the home
Casa de Coffey
Turlock resident Aurelia Coffey’s sign-making business Casa de Coffey has allowed her to create custom creations for area homes, such as this Christmas sign (Photo contributed).

Name of business: Casa de Coffey

Type of business: Home décor

Location: @casadecoffeyy on Instagram

Contact information:

Specialty: Custom wooden signs


History of business:

When Turlock resident Aurelia Coffey first began making custom, hand-painted signs from reclaimed wood three years ago, the stay-at-home mother of two was looking for a way to stay busy with a new hobby. Much to her surprise, her crafting has since evolved into a full-fledged business that helps area homes add a personal touch to their interiors.

“Making signs helps me relax big time,” Coffey said. “Since I’m home all day with these beautiful and energetic humans, I’d lose my mind if I didn’t have a passion.”

Coffey made her first signs by taking apart an old wooden crate, originally designing them for her own home. When she decided she didn’t want them a few days later, she posted photos of them onto online garage sale sites and the offers came pouring in. Shocked but encouraged, Coffey made more signs that continued to sell out, with requests for personalized English and Spanish signs coming in to be used as gifts for weddings, quinceañeras, baptisms, bridal showers and more.

“I work on my signs when the girls take naps or after they go to bed, around their schedule. My babies are my priority,” Coffey said. “People understand this and are willing to wait two to three weeks.”

To make her custom signs, Coffey uses a miter saw to cut reclaimed wood, making sure to selected pieces with holes, scratches and natural indentations that “tell a story,” she said. When a customer wants a cleaner look for their sign, she purchases wood at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

After the wood is cut, Coffey sands, stains and paints the sign, designing a stencil by using a computer program then painting it on by hand.

“I would describe my style as imperfect and a little rustic,” she said.

In addition to signs for customers’ homes, Coffey has also designed personal signage for businesses in the area, like Mundo’s Latin Grill in Turlock and Agaves Mexican Grill in Merced. A sign that holds a special place in her heart, however, is one she made for a woman preparing to start chemotherapy, which featured sunflowers and an encouraging Bible verse.

“A few days ago, I discovered her chemotherapy is over and she is doing great,” Coffey said. “My heart was filled with so much joy.”

Customers looking to order a custom wooden sign from Coffey can message her on Instagram, she said, where pricing and project timing can be discussed. Each order she receives is humbling, Coffey said.

“I’m amazed and extremely thankful for people trusting me with their projects,” she said. “I don’t know where this passion is taking me, but I’m loving it and having fun!”