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Turlock Moms nonprofit hopes to build tighter community bond
Turlock Moms Club 1
Not only is the Turlock Moms Club offering an outlet for local mothers to receive advice or to unwind, but it encourages community service and other activities alongside their children., such as gardening, as seen above (Photo contributed).

‘Moms’ clubs aren’t anything new to communities across the nation, but a group of Turlock mothers are taking it to the next level by turning their group into a nonprofit, service-based organization.

The Turlock Moms Club has been operating as an independently run 503(c) organization since October. The group was founded by Turlock mother Alicia Turino, who has been a member of similar clubs in other cities in years past.

“I grew up in Turlock but moved away after I graduated high school,” she said. “We eventually moved to Brentwood and that’s when I actually got pregnant, and I was freaking out, so I ended up joining this moms club called the Mothers of Brentwood. It was kind of a perfect blend of philanthropy and mom groups and moms nights out and I really loved it.”

Turlock Moms Club 2
Since being founded in October, the Turlock Moms Club nonprofit has grown to 19 members (Photo contributed).

After moving back to her hometown last year, Turino noticed a lack of philanthropic-based mothers’ groups in the area, which led her to create the Turlock Moms Club.

“I know there are a couple moms clubs that do nights out and things like that. There’s also the Facebook group that is mostly used for whenever we have questions about things, but it’s not centered around events, and it has over 6,000 people which is not very tight knit. I wanted something that was active in diverse events and really based in community service,” she said.

In just under three months since the organization’s founding, there are now 19 members who have volunteered for several charitable projects, such as cooking and serving food alongside the Turlock Gospel Mission, buying Christmas gifts for families at local homeless shelters, participating in the Helping Hands meal program for moms who’ve just delivered, adopted or have experienced a loss, as well as planning cleanups for city parks.

They also hope to be a group where members themselves can receive support, whether it be by receiving parenting advice or by being an outlet for mothers to unwind. The club has monthly nights out, they host playdates with their children and plan on hosting outdoor movie nights.

“Back in Brentwood, it was hard leaving because we had built such strong relationships, even all of our kids knew each other. It’s just really a way to have fun while also giving back,” Turino said.

Turino is confident that, as the word spreads regarding the organization, the more impact they can have in Turlock. The Turlock Moms Club has already received four local sponsorships from area businesses, and Turino hopes that the number grows in order to help fund many events they have planned for 2023. She also hopes that the fact that sponsorships are tax-deductible because of the 503(c) filing can encourage potential sponsors to pitch in to help the community.

“I think what we're looking for is all types of moms,” she said. “Whether you work part-time or full-time, or you already have kids or are expecting. You can be a grandma who's helping raise kids. It’s secular, because I know some people aren’t into church, and it’s flexible to accommodate some of our busy schedules. A lot of moms can be helped because there are those mental health benefits that come with having others to talk to and relate to. If you think it'll benefit you, come try being a part of it.”

Turino adds that there is an annual $55 membership fee, as it not only helps fund many of the philanthropic efforts but could also encourage active participation.

“We want people to go out with us when we do these events and the shelters. We want moms to actually join us at our nights out to learn more about one another and build those strong relationships,” she said.

Membership and sponsorship applications can be found on the organization’s official website, Additional information about the group and their events can also be found on the website, as well as their social media channels. The club can be found on Facebook at @TMC95382 or by searching “Turlock Moms Club.” They can also be found on Instagram at @TurlockMomsClub. The organization can be contacted for questions and other inquiries through the contact page on the website or by messaging either of the social media pages.