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Turlock native finding success in body-building
nicole rempfer
Former Turlock Police officer Nicole Rempfer is in the running to land on the cover of Ms. Health and Fitness. - photo by Photo Contributed

Former Turlock Police officer Nicole Rempfer wants to inspire her three young daughters to grow up to be strong, confident women and now she is hoping to take that inspiration a step further by landing on the cover of Ms. Health and Fitness magazine.

Rempfer grew up in Turlock and served on the police force for five and a half years before relocating to Redding and continuing to serve with their police department. She is one of a handful of athletes competing for the cover of the magazine and the $20,000 cash prize.

The contest operates through a series of rounds, with the public voting each round and the top vote getters moving on. Rempfer is hoping to take the top spot for the current round, which ends on Thursday and would propel her into the quarter-finals.

It was a reoccurring back injury that she experienced while at the Turlock Police Department and again at the Redding Police Department that put Rempfer on her current fitness path.

“The physical therapists showed me exercises to do regain my strength and I loved that feeling of being stronger,” Rempfer said.

She threw herself into this new fitness drive by starting a new regimen of nutrition, weight-training and cardio. At age 35, she decided to participate in her first body-building competition and walked away with wins in each of the five divisions she competed in, including two first place awards.

“That definitely set me on fire to do more,” Rempfer said.

She exercises daily and adds in weight-training five to six days. She recently reached a personal best on the leg press at 650 pounds.

“I was so pumped when I reached it,” Rempfer said.

If Rempfer is able to win the cover and the $20,000 prize, she said she would use the money to pursue certification as a personal trainer and nutritionist.

“This would allow me a new opportunity to make a positive impact on others wanting to make healthy changes in their own lives,” Rempfer said. “I would also love to take my husband on his dream vacation to Ireland and my kids to Disney World as they have been huge supporters for me in my fitness journey. They exercise with me, encourage me, and are a huge part of my why for being fit.”

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