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Turlock resident helps community declutter
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Rebecca Prendez turned her at-home hobby of organization into a business, helping others turn their cluttered quarters into peaceful spaces. - photo by Photo Contributed

Name of business: Peaceful Spaces

Type of business: Professional organizing

Hours: Contact anytime; appointments/consultations available afternoons and weekends


Contact information: 209-277-2295

Specialty: Peace of mind


History of business:

Rebecca Prendez has always found decluttering and organizing to be therapeutic, and now she’s turned her hobby into a business that makes the stress of cleaning up just a little bit easier for Turlock residents.

Prendez’s professional organizing business, Peaceful Spaces, stems from a childhood which saw her grow up in a household with seven children. Her parents kept a neat home, she said, which taught her the skills of keeping an organized living space.

“There wasn’t too much space for fluff,” Prendez said. “We were ‘minimalist’ before it was a thing.”

Peaceful Spaces began when Prendez’s friends told her that she made the overwhelming task of getting organized so much easier. Now, she has helped countless people with the challenge, working side-by-side with clients to sort, purge and organize even the most cluttered of homes.

“Homes often become cluttered because we simply accumulate too much stuff. We don’t let go of things,” she said. “When there is too much coming into our homes and nothing is going out, things can spiral out of control.”

Prendez helps clients in whatever areas they need help — she can help create a filing system for important documents or family photos, she will haul away any unwanted items to the nearest donation center and she even shops for organizing supplies. She has also helped clients out by re-selling any items they don’t want but would like to make a profit from on sites like Craigslist, Facebook or Offer-Up.

“When we eliminate the clutter in our lives and create an organized space we can spend more time on that which is most meaningful,” Prendez said. “When we eliminate physical clutter we often find that we are eliminating mental clutter as well, resulting in a more restful, productive and peaceful home.”

Prendez’s top tips for those hoping to reorganize their living spaces include the rule of, “one thing in, one thing out,” which asks the organizer to let go of something in their home every time they bring some new in.

“Whatever it is; if you buy a new white shirt then let go of that old white shirt. If you buy a new set of sheets, it’s okay to say goodbye to the old set,” Prendez said.

She also encourages people to only keep what they love and what is essential, rather than keeping things around their home that don’t bring them any joy.

“It’s okay to let things go. Donate or recycle what you don’t use,” Prendez said. “The best part about doing this is helping someone simplify their life and find peace.”

Prendez is available by appointment (afternoons and weekends) for complimentary consultations and regular sessions.