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Turlock woman receives chemo-graduation from friends and family
Following her final chemotherapy treatment session, Turlock resident Connie Teixeira-Sousa was joined by family and friends who organized a surprise chemo-graduation for her at the Emanuel Cancer Center. - photo by Photo Contributed

As a wife and mother of four, Turlock resident Connie Teixeira-Sousa is a role model to many. After being diagnosed with breast cancer last year, her courage while undergoing treatment has continued to encourage others.

“She has been battling cancer just this past year,” said family-friend Liz Lourenco. “She’s been so faithful and strong this whole time…Being a mom and a mother of four, she has never once used her cancer as an excuse to keep her kids from participating in the things they usually do.”

Last week, following Connie’s final chemotherapy treatment, a group of friends and family members got together to surprise her with a ‘chemo-graduation’ held at the Emanuel Cancer Center.

“All of her nurses, doctors and fellow patients were so happy for her. It was a beautiful end to a chapter that many would only be quick to forget, but Connie has taken it as a lesson in life that has molded her into the person she is today,” said Lourenco. “What better way to celebrate her strength than to do this for her? It was a fun way to show her that she is loved.”

Lourenco says that Connie largely attributes her strength throughout her battle with breast cancer to her faith in God.

“Her motto throughout this whole thing has been ‘Faith On’ which has been a great example to our local community and has inspired so many from our local church,” said Lourenco. “She is someone I absolutely admire. She strongly believes that she’s been able to make it through this and stay positive because of her faith and through God. She has always been very positive and devout to her faith.”

With lots of tears and laughter, Connie was joined by those who love her as she finished her last chemotherapy treatment session. According to Lourenco, Connie is at home and recovering well.

“Even on the days where she is not feeling the greatest, you always see her with a smile on her face,” said Lourenco. “It just goes to show that whatever struggles people go through, you can always have a positive attitude. She provides hope for those out there who are fighting this terrible disease.”