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Turlock’s oldest citizen turns 107
Doris Wedin Johnson
Doris Wedin Johnson celebrates her 107th birthday with family, friends and cake on Sunday (ANGELINA MARTIN).

The woman believed to be the city’s oldest citizen celebrated her 107th birthday this week, surrounded by friends and loved ones at Covenant Village of Turlock.

Though Doris Wedin Johnson’s actual birthday was on Tuesday, on Sunday her family threw her a party fit for Turlock’s longest-living resident that was born, raised and lives to this day in the city.

“It goes day by day, nothing more,” Johnson said of her life’s longevity. “You don’t know what’s happening, then you go, ‘Oh, I’m 107!’”

Johnson was born on Nov. 6, 1911, and graduated from Turlock High School in 1929 — the same year that the U.S. stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. She’s lived through plenty of our nation’s history, from World War I to the creation of the iPhone, and credits her long life to the exercise she got while working as a nurse in Turlock.

“I did a lot of walking then, maybe that made a big difference,” she said.

Johnson’s family has also played a big role in her health, she added, saying that she “didn’t do it by herself.” Fruitful lives run in her family, she added, as her grandfather lived to be 103 years old.

“My goodness, we thought he was old!” she laughed.

Johnson is thankful to have spent so many years on Earth, but being Turlock’s oldest citizen? She didn’t see that one coming.

“I can’t see how that happened,” she said. “I knew I was the oldest in my family, but I guess I’m older than most people too.”