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Unique boutique with environmentally friendly products
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Sisters Maribel Duran and Claudia Lopez recently created a Turlock-based online boutique that offers organic clothing and unique style with affordable pricing. - photo by Photo Contributed

Name of Business: M & C Kouture

Type of Business: Women’s fine clothing

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by email

Location: Online/

Contact Information:

Business Specialty: Unique clothing


Sisters Maribel Duran and Claudia Lopez, both Turlock natives, have put a new twist on shopping local by offering women’s clothing, accessories and rustic decor all through their online boutique, M & C Kouture.


Duran, who handles the operational side of the business, explains the kind of style her and her sister aim to create.


“We offer really unique clothing but also try to be environmentally friendly by buying product that is organic material,” she said. “We want organic clothing to be available for people interested without the high-end pricing; something affordable for someone who is interested in an organic lifestyle.”


The sisters began wearing organic material by default when Duran was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a disorder that can occur in genetically predisposed people where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine.


“I was forced to be on a diet and naturally became a consumer of organic and environmentally friendly products,” said Duran. “I introduced this to my sister, Claudia, and we were both on board with selling environmentally friendly products in return. It’s not just a fad; there are health benefits to it as well.”


According to the production of organic cotton does not involve the use of chemicals and it causes fewer allergies. Organic cotton apparel also reduces respiratory problems and apparently smells pleasant.


“When you’re a strong proponent of organic food and organic living it's easy to support organic clothing, as well,” Duran added.


Aside from environmentally friendly products, the sisters like to feature items for their online boutique that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


“Claudia and I both have a unique style which has made it so much fun to pick products that we purchase when we merge our styles,” said Duran. “These are one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t find in a regular store.”


The business aspect runs smooth for M & C Kouture as both Duran and Lopez are studying business in college. Lopez does the marketing and technology side of the business while Duran focuses on shipping and handling/buying.


“It’s funny because Claudia and I have been pretending to own our own store and play around with a cash register and clothing out of our mom’s closet since we were little girls,” said Duran. “This online boutique is really a dream come true for us.”


M & C Kouture has been in planning for a little over three years and last December marked the opening of the online site.


“We didn’t know if it would be a hit, but we decided to try it out and just went for it,” said Duran. “It has had such a positive response so far and we’re really excited about it.”


Follow M & C Kouture on Instagram at @MC.Kouture and visit their website to order.