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Website offers new features to help customers conserve water
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As part of our continuing efforts to encourage water conservation, the City of Turlock Municipal Services website now offers many new user-friendly tools and valuable information to help users with water conservation efforts in and around the home.

 Examples of some of the new features include:

·         Online requests for sprinkler timer set-up;

·         Report water wasting online;

·         Take the Water Conservation Pledge (and receive a water conservation device for your home for free);

·         Sign-up for conservation E-tips and newsletters;

·         Water bill calculator for the new water rate structure;

·         View your water usage (and/or pay your bill online);

·         Print out a high efficiency clothes washer and/or toilet rebate application;

·         Access to lots of water conservation tips and ideas for home, school, and work;

·         And much more!

Visit the City of Turlock Municipal Services Department online today at:

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Water Conservation Tip #9


 When you wash your car, use buckets and sponges instead of a hose. Use the hose only to rinse off soap. Be sure to have an automatic shut off nozzle attached to the hose. Park the car on the lawn so that any water that runs off goes to your landscape, not the gutter. Or an even better idea is to use a commercial car wash. Commercial car washes capture the used water and recycle it and then send it to the water treatment facility.