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Winner of million-dollar scratcher in Hughson becomes public
Hughson lottery winner
Daniel Fagundes bought his million dollar Power 10s scratcher earlier this year at the Santa Fe Market & Liquor in Hughson.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that a man shopping at Santa Fe Market & Liquor located at 6900 East Whitmore Ave. in Hughson had won $1 million from a scratcher. Last week, the California Lottery officially identified the winner as Daniel Fagundes.

“This is an amazing thing that happened,” he told California Lottery officials.

Fagundes won the jackpot off just a $10 Power 10’s ticket. According to the California Lottery, the odds to win the top prize of one million dollars is 1 in 2,036,000.

In the game, players must scratch multiple bolt symbols on any of the 19 rows on the scratcher. If there are matching prizes for each of the matching bolts, the player then takes their chances on a “Power Bonus.” If there is a matching prize amount in each of the two Power Bonus windows, a player can then scratch a “Power Up” box in hopes of revealing a two multiplier symbols, ranging from 2X to 10X, the latter multiplying the total prize by ten.

Fagundes had already accomplished the steps to win $100,000, and once he scratched a pair of 10X symbols in the Power Up box, he knew he had secured himself a million dollar pay day. He explained that he scratched his ticket inside of the store immediately after making the purchase.

“I scratched it right there in the store and knew I won right away,” Fagundes said.” I was in shock.”

His first move after realizing he had become a millionaire? Calling his wife.

“I called my wife, and she didn’t believe me. Finally, I said, ‘I won a [expletive] million dollars!’ And then she knew it was true, but stayed very calm, unlike me,” he joked.

Fagundes shared that he and his wife have already started planning on how to use the money, adding that he’s retired since being awarded the funds.

Santa Fe Market & Liquor will also receive a retailer incentive of $5,000 or one half of one percent, according to state lottery regulations.

According to the California Lottery, Fagundes is one of just 10 lottery players to have won a $1 million in 2022.