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Worlds Strictest Parents seeks successful local families
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Turlock is home to over 70,000 residents ranging from dairy owners to chief executive officers, but regardless of a job title, the majority of Turlockers donate countless hours for the betterment of their neighbors and the place they call home.
The community of Turlock has become famous for its generous spirit and caught the eye of the producer of the Country Music Television and Music Television show “World’s Strictest Parents.”
“People in Turlock are wonderful, nice, warm and open,” said Renee Reres, casting producer for “World’s Strictest Parents.” “Turlock is a good solid environment where people get involved in their community.”
A “good solid environment” is exactly what the television show is looking for to help guide troubled teenagers onto the right path.
The show is focused on helping teenagers who have veered off in the wrong direction with missing class, not trying in school or just being disrespectful to their parents, Reres said. The troubled teenagers will be sent to a “good solid environment” type home for five days where the host family will help guide the teens onto the path of success to return home with a new and improved attitude.
The Turlock area has been selected to look for host families to help guide these teens because of the successful families that make Turlock home. The show is hoping that Turlockers can spread their success into the homes of the misbehaving teens.  
To be a host family for the show, each family must have a two-parent household — step parents are acceptable — and have at least one teenager or young adult living at home, Reres said. The theory is that with a well-behaved teen living at home during the five-day process, the troubled teen will receive peer pressure to behave better.
“We are looking for host families that would be willing to open their home and heart to these teens,” Reres said.
Each host family will be responsible for “mentoring” two teenagers — one male and one female typically around the ages of 15 to 18, she said. Each teenager goes under a background check to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
Next week, the television casting team is expected to visit Turlock in hopes of meeting with some potential host families, Reres said. In-person interviews will follow a phone call discussing the family’s parenting philosophies and a background check.
This is the second season of the “World’s Strictest Parents” and the show has been airing for about a year now, Reres said.
This show has helped hundreds of troubled teens, as well as change the lives of the host families for the better since the show first started, Reres said.
“Most often we see a breakthrough with teens when they are taken out of a family surrounded by bad influences to a successful family,” she said. “It makes a difference.”
If interested in mentoring two troubled teenagers for five days, contact Renee Reres at and submit your name, photo of your family and contact information.
To contact Maegan Martens, e-mail or call 634-9141 ext. 2015.