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Blast back to the ‘80s with musical ladies
Taylor Dayne
Taylor Dayne will join Jody Watley and Lisa Lisa in the Ladies of the ‘80s tour at the Bob Hope Theatre on Feb. 21.

Are you looking for a new love? Do you want to feel the beat? Perhaps you want someone to tell it to your heart? Well, you can have all three when you celebrate the Ladies of the ‘80s tour with Taylor Dayne, Jody Watley and Lisa Lisa at the Bob Hope Theatre on Feb. 21.

Put on your high-waisted acid-wash jeans, add some shoulder pads to your neon top, throw on your Sperry Top-Siders and accessories with some lace and a Swatch watch and you will be ready to go for this female-powered tour.

“This is the Ladies of the ‘80s tour,” explained Dayne of the upcoming performance. “It is pretty exciting and it is doing really well. We just had our first couple of shows. Fans are loving it. It is hit after hit after hit, memory lane and a soundtrack of people’s lives. It is pretty great.”

The debut single “Tell It To My Heart” turned Dayne into an overnight sensation in 1987 which launched her 30-year career. Not only does the pop artist have the vocals but she also has the songwriting skills, has appeared in film, television, and stage and more recently, an author. Last year on Valentine’s Day, Dayne released her first book called “Tell It To My Heart.” The impetus for the memoir was her 2016 Ted Talks video that she described as “explosive and quite a commitment.” The book took two years to complete that she explained is an entirely different process than writing a song.

The hits continued with “Love Will Lead You Back” “Prove Your Love” and “I’ll Always Love You.” She has sold over 75 albums and singles worldwide, earned three Grammy nominations, and an American Music Award.

“Being on stage is that connection you have with fans which it is very difficult for one to describe it,” added Dayne. “I think when you saw this year’s halftime (during the Super Bowl) people understood the kind of energy and joy it brings to fans and I think everybody understood that. They got this feeling from these women that there was no place they would rather be. I think people got high from it. You get this sense of high and unity and that’s what music does, it unifies everybody. All voices become one.”

Although the trio of artists started their careers before the internet and social media, with an easier reach to the masses they all still managed to be very relevant in the industry in the 1980s. Grammy-winning Watley with hits like “Looking For A New Love” and “Don’t You Want Me.” Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam were known as pioneers of freestyle music and hits like the Gold certified “I Wonder If I Take You Home,” “Can You Feel the Beat,” the Gold certified “All Cried Out,” “Head to Toe,” and “Lost in Emotion.”

Listening to an eclectic mix of music like Bruno Mars, Hall and Oats, Halsey and Jill Scott, Dayne enjoys a variety of music. When asked who would be a dream collaboration current day, Dayne stated in a light hearted giggle, “I would never walk away from Dr. Dre if he ever said ‘hey Taylor come down to the studio and let’s work on a beat.’ Everything he has put his finger on is fluid.”

This year as Dayne focuses on the ‘80s tour she also added that she will be dropping a couple new singles along with a few television appearances.

The three power ladies will bring their love for music and performing to the stage in Stockton on Feb. 21 for what promises to be a high energy show.

“I am very excited about this Ladies of the ‘80s,” said Dayne. “It is going to be a great time; we are having a great time. I take no prisoners.”